10 Foundations for Marketing Success with a Business or Practice

10 Foundations for Marketing Success with a Business or Practice
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Prioritizing these 10 foundations into your marketing plans will set you up for marketing success!

I hope this finds you beginning 2022 with positive vibes and thoughts for what is to come in this next year. I do believe our mindset helps guide us in all we do and all we experience, so start thinking and planning for positive experiences, opportunities and success this year. And mix in a little fun and family and friends, and you know that you can end this new year in a better place than when it started.

Remember: It’s not about what we do or don’t do, or the goals we do or don’t achieve, it’s about what you learn on the journey.

One thing I have learned the past year is that some of the marketing foundations I factor into marketing success has changed a little too. With this in mind, I want to share with you an updated version of the 10 Foundations for Marketing Success.

One of my lead magnets is a checklist on these 10 foundations and I have updated them for 2022 to reflect new strategies and wanted to pass them on to you. You can download the checklist here.

Make it a priority to check where your business or practice stands with these 10 foundations. If any are missing, then add them in to your marketing plans for 2022.

Here are the 10 Foundations for Marketing Success.


Many business and practice owners do not always have a website when starting a business. It is important. Relying on social media means depending on something you do not control or own. Even if you get started with a “build it yourself” website system, you need a website. You can always upgrade as you grow your business and have more resources to dedicate to this. Your website will be the main element the search engines can index about you. It will help people find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not need to be scary. With a few basic lessons, most business owners can learn what they need to help people find them online.


This profile is critical to helping people find you and your business on Google Search and Maps. It allows you to add your business information, photos, hours of operation, and content to help people find your business. It’s free to set up and is extremely important for businesses with a location but still helpful for those without. This foundation can send a lot of traffic to your website from people looking for help online.


Marketing is all about speaking to your ideal client and knowing what words and phrases they are using when searching for someone who offers the services you do. You must understand their problem and the words they use to get help. These “Keywords,” when added to your marketing content, can also help the Search Engines find this new content to register in their systems.


Anchor Content is the content you publish on your website. Keyword-rich content, typically as a blog post or podcast show notes post – this content can also be what you send in a newsletter. This content is meant to attract your ideal clients and get you noticed by the search engines. It can be reused in many ways to share helpful, useful, and relevant information to your audience and community online. Most importantly, this content should be filled with optimized keywords so the search engines can find your content online on your website.


Your social media profile can do more than most people realize. Many business owners forget how much information you can put in your profiles. Optimizing your social media profiles makes it easy for people to know who you are, what you offer, how you help people, and how to find you and your business. Anyone visiting your social media profile should be able to find your website, your lead magnet, and even be able to phone you if they want. Yes! People still use the phone. This foundation is the one that gives people who see you online an easy way to click and contact you right away when they want to reach out.


Knowing your numbers is something many business owners forget about. However, tracking your stats needs to happen if you want to learn from what you are doing now to change, improve and get even better results in the future. Google Analytics is free and can help, but there are also many others you can track that will help you. Get started with this free Marketing Stats tracking template.


An email list is an asset of any business. It is a collection of pre-qualified leads, people who are interested in what you have to offer — your services. It is a way to communicate with these people and share how you can help them. And no matter what you think of email marketing, it does work. Studies show that email marketing brings almost four times as much ROI (return on investment) to businesses than any other marketing channel. You don’t own the names of people on Facebook or Instagram, but you do own the names on your email list.


This is the system you need in place to get new leads for your email marketing list. You will need to start with a Lead Magnet, a free download or offer that is something your ideal client wants. To get this lead magnet, you should have a page on your website (well, there are other places too, but this one is the most important one) where people can sign up to request the lead magnet. This is the lead generation page, where the only action people can take is to sign up for the lead magnet. It is generally set up with a form connected to your email marketing system. Then the form is placed on the lead generation page to make it all work, so when someone types in their name and email, they get sent to a thanks page and then get a set of emails to deliver the download and a few more emails after that to nurture them.


A Content Storage System is the most underused foundation ever! I have seen too many folks create marketing content all over and just post it online and forget about it, lost on the internet forever. When you have your content in a storage system, it makes it easier to reuse and repurpose to create less content but get more results from that marketing content. You may find that you can also use that saved content and create fresh content from what you have already. The Ultimate Marketing Content Planner and Training I offer is a content storage system I have developed from working with almost 500 clients supporting their marketing. It is a great place to start with a storage system.


Your plan and system tie everything together and guides you on what to say, where to say it, when to say it, and ultimately will save you a ton of time. Some folks like spreadsheets, some like Trello boards, some like Word or Google docs… whatever way you create your plan for social media, the most crucial part is that you do have a plan. Without a plan to follow, everything will be random in what you do, and this generally leads to confusion, chaos, last-minute posting, and nothing is cohesive or effective. In other words, your marketing will not work and will be a waste of time. Be sure to get a content marketing plan in place!

There you have it – the updated version of these 10 Foundations for Marketing Success.

And when I say they are what can make or break your marketing success, here is why. Whenever I do marketing assessments with clients or reviews for members in my Inner Circle group, when they have something not working in their marketing, it is almost always because one of these foundations is not in place or optimized.

I refer to them as foundations because they support and hold up all the marketing you do. They make sure the time and energy you spend with your marketing is optimized and pays off by getting results! Results like more website traffic, more leads and more clients.

You can click here and download the PDF version of this checklist to save and use for yourself.

Let me know your progress as you work through the list. And if you have any questions, reach out to me on Instagram or on my Facebook Page … I can address them in future blog posts or on my social media channels, so you don’t have to stay stuck.

Pepper marketing content plannerWant help with Foundation #9, the Content Storage System?

You can get started with a system already in place and some training on how to use it with the Ultimate Marketing Content Planner and Training I offer. The template comes with a mini training on how to use it along with content ideas, topics, sample schedules and even 500+ content you can copy, paste and use as your own.

​Check out the Ultimate Marketing Content Planner today and kickstart your content planning with your own storage system and more! Save time and attract new clients with purposeful content!

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