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10 Inspiring Network Marketing Success Stories - mlm-blog
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There are many Network Marketers who have had great success in their MLM business. In this blog, we shall discuss the people with their MLM and network marketing success stories to help you get that ounce of motivation to begin your network marketing Success career. Also, Check out the Network Marketing Experts who are already into Network Marketing business.

List of Top Network Marketing Success Stories – MLM Success Stories

Motivational Stories for network marketing will lead you to find success in the network marketing business.

Read on and see how these stalwarts in the business performed to be in this list of top Network Marketing success stories!

#1. SARAH ROBBINS – Sarah Robbins Net Worth

Her MLM Success story in the Network Marketing business is beyond dreams. Ms. Sarah Robbins was leading a normal life and was a school teacher. The shaky economy drove her in constant fear of losing her job. In order to avoid a penniless situation in case she lost her job, she started selling Rodan and Fields products. Her only intention at that time was to earn a bit of extra cash to supplement her regular income.

With a bit of hard work, she could soon earn more than her regular income and decided that she would quit her job as a school teacher and concentrate fully on multi-level marketing. This decision fetched her six-figure income as a commission on sales. Sarah was so successful that she is the only consultant to date who was inducted into the Rodan + Fields Hall of Fame before the age of 20. She is also the first one to get into the Million Dollar Circle. Today, she is one of the top-selling consultants of the company.

#2. ERIC WORRE – Eric Worre Net Worth

Eric Worre is a veteran in the field of network marketing with an experience of nearly 30 years. eric worre net worth is around $40 million! Shocking, right?

He initially began his network marketing career as a distributor and then grew on to become the president of a multi-level marketing company that had a turnover of $200 million. He eventually began his own business and became the president of The People’s network.

Now, he has retired from the network marketing business as a distributor and is fully engaged in coaching other new recruits in the field and helping them to be successful network marketers. He started a platform called Network Marketing Pro and regularly gives presentations to his subscribers and audience.

In 2013, he wrote a book on the subject named Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Successful Professional that sold more than 1.5 million copies and is on the list of best sellers on Amazon.

#3. RAY HIGDON – Ray Higdon Net Worth

Ray higdon began his real estate career in 2004 in Florida and was a successful financial consultant and a real estate executive who lost a lot of his business during the financial and real estate crash of 2008. He made a lot of money at the time from his real estate business but lost it all in the crash. In addition to his financial losses, he suffered personal losses as well and got separated from his wife after losing his house due to debt. At this juncture, he started dating a woman named Jessica. She was a network marketer herself and under her persuasion, he joined Numis, a multi-level marketing company.

By February 2011, he managed to earn $46,000 in a single month and had broken the previous earning records with the company. By June of that year, he had earned more than $52,000, another golden feather in his cap. He is now into network marketing consulting and devotes most of his time to offering advice and tips to help others to succeed in network marketing.

His net worth is approximately $15 million dollars.

#4. DONNA JOHNSON – Donna Johnson Net Worth

Like almost all other network marketing success stories, Donna Johnson had very little to boast of when she started out in network marketing. She didn’t have a college degree and was a single mom. She was working as a swimming coach in her neighbourhood and income was very little.

Fast forward to 40 years later, her income is more than $1 million per year and is the leader of one of the top network marketing companies in the world, Arbonne. This company is one of the top multi-level marketing companies in the world. Under her leadership, more than 1,000 people have reached the leadership level in Arbonne’s program. This is a designation that earns them a white Mercedes.

Donna has been very wise in deciding how to use her MLM earnings and has invested some of her earnings from her network marketing career and invested them in projects that give a great return on investment. She now runs a bed and breakfast in Jamaica and regularly donates a part of her earnings to charity. She is a patron of Streams of Mercy, a charity organisation that helps orphans in India and other third world countries.

#5. JERRY SCRIBNER – Jerry Scribner Net Worth

Jerry Scribner was a usual American and was living a very average life. He had a construction job and was not at all fully satisfied with it. He is a huge supporter of warm market prospecting since it was a friend who introduced him to the multi-level marketing business. Since he was hugely in debt at that point in time and broke, he was quick enough to get into the business. From this hopeless financial situation, he went on to become one of the top earners in the industry. Right now, he is ranked as the #12 highest earner and has an $860 million company named Steam to his credit. He has opened up a blog channel where he shares his knowledge and tips and tricks to succeed in the business. He also recommends books to read and videos to watch through the blog.

#6. MIKE SIMS – Mike Sims Net Worth

Mike Sims is a network marketer from Alabama. He attended Auburn University and after his graduation, he got a job in finance. He was dissatisfied with the 9 to 5 job and started on his network marketing career alongside his regular job. Initially, he started working with two network marketing companies and went on to become a top earner with each of them in a very short span of time. With just his contributions, the two companies managed to earn $500 million in revenue.

Mike also became one of the top earners and distributors with Zija International, a nutritional supplement and wellness company. He is also a winner of President Millionaire Rank with Wor(l)d Global Network.

With immense experience and success in network marketing. Mike launched his own company, Mike Sims Worldwide. He specializes in real estate, apparel design, Forex currency traders, and venture capital investments.

#7. DAKOTA MCLEARN – Dakota Mclearn Net Worth

Dakota McLearn is a unique entity in the networking marketing industry, which makes his MLM success story all the more impressive and unique. He was so successful in his network marketing career that he was able to earn enough income from his MLM company, Empower Network to enable him to retire at a very young age of 19.

Dakota is from Canada and was working for a long hour every day and 60-hour every week in the construction industry before he took a baby step in the network marketing industry. He was quite impaled by the idea of living from one paycheck to the other for the remainder of his life that he put his heart and mind in network marketing so that he could retire early.

With the network marketing career and a blog for giving out network marketing advice, he managed to earn enough money so that he could retire to the exotic beaches of Thailand at the tender age of 20., Dakota put together a blog that brought in enough income to allow him to retire to the beaches of Thailand before he even turned 20.

#8. MARGIE ALIPRANDI– Margie Aliprandi Net Worth

Margie Aliprandi is extremely proud to proclaim herself as a self-made multi-millionaire. She is also kind enough to devote much of her time to help other people who are new into network marketing to earn a good income and become successful network marketers themselves.

Margie is a former beauty pageant winner who won both Miss Teenage Utah and Mrs. Utah. Her interest in pageants and pursuing her goals by maintaining a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem would go on to help her find success in network marketing.

Before she began her network marketing career, she was a music teacher and a single mom. She started with an MLM company called Neways International in 1989 and quickly became one of the company’s top-sellers. She was earning a five-figure monthly income in just her first year.

She went on to become the first distributor to earn the Crown Diamond ranking. This was the highest level of Neways International. Over the course of her network marketing career, she managed to build up a team of more than 250,000 people and is currently in the top 1 percent of network marketing producers.

#9. JORDAN ADLER – Jordan Adler Net Worth

Network marketing does not bring you success, fame, and fortune in very little time. Jordan Adler is a perfect example of that truth. He did not taste much success during the first ten years of his network marketing career. He worked with ten different companies and could not manage to recruit a single distributor for each of them. He soon went bankrupt and by the time he was 35, he was in debt of around $36,000 across 22 credit cards. He had just over $200 dollars in his bank account and was jobless for over 2 years. He earned a severance of $4000 per year from his old employer. His network marketing success story began much later. In the next 36 months, he earned more than 20 million from various network marketing companies. He is the author of Beach Money and is a TEDx speaker and a very successful writer.

#10. ALEXANDRA LAIGLE- Alexandra Laigle Net Worth

Alexandra Laigle was an employee of the US Department of Defense and has had phenomenal success with Lularoe. In 2016, she sold around 1,000 items of clothing from the brand out of her home every month.

Alexandra got in with the clothing brand in the early stages of its business and this proved to have had a hand in her enormous success. When she launched her own store in 2015, she had just 2,000 other consultants under her belt. That number grew over 35,000 now.

Due to her glorious success with the company, her husband has quit his regular job in the financial field to help her go on with her business. She still works with the Department of Defense and regularly sells $80,000 worth of clothes monthly and earns around a $21,000 bonus check from the company every year.

From the above top 10 Inspiring network marketing success stories, Sarah Robbins, Margie Aliprandi, and Jordan Alder are coming under Top MLM Earners in the world.

Top tips To achieve Network Marketing Success

1. Brush up on the Facts About MLMs and Set Clear Goals

Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid pyramid schemes and MLM scams. Learn about the direct sales industry as a whole, conduct thorough research on MLM organizations, and assess if you and your sponsor are a suitable fit. While MLM has the potential to make you wealthy, statistics reveal that only about one out of every 100 MLM reps succeeds or makes any money.

However, this isn’t always the fault of the MLM industry. The majority of athletes never make it to the Olympics, but this is not the fault of sport or the Olympics.
Any significant achievement involves both knowledge and action.

2. Keep track of who you’re chatting to at work and how often you’re doing so

It’s easy to irritate friends and family by talking only about your business and pressuring them to “have a look.” Relationships can be harmed, friendships can be lost, and the industry can be tarnished. That isn’t to imply you should keep it a secret; and besides, network marketing requires you to go out and talk to people about your company and products/services. The key is to be aware of who you’re dealing with, what their initial reaction is, and then manage how often you talk about your company based on their level of interest. It’s fine if they’re not interested; just end the conversation. Work on your business, grow it, and show them your progress. Actions, after all, speak louder!

3. Be Genuine and Ethical

One of the reasons that direct selling has a negative reputation is that many salespeople utilize exaggeration and dishonesty to gain new customers. Many people mistakenly feel that MLM firms encourage this conduct when, in fact, they do not.

MLM organizations that are legitimate want you to be honest with your clients and future recruits. Your enthusiasm will be enough to advertise your product if you love it. Just be careful not to go overboard or make exaggerated or false claims.

4. Never forget your products/services

There is usually a lot of emphasis on bringing new employees into the firm, and this is something that should be prioritized. It shouldn’t, however, come at the expense of losing sight of the products/services that are the bedrock of your company. Developing a strong, loyal customer base will not only provide consistent revenue, but it will also ensure that you have brand ambassadors, since your consumers will speak for you about your products and services. Also, you’ll probably get some sponsors from contacts who started out as customers but have evolved into champions for the products/services and are organically suggesting them. It becomes a no-brainer to make money while cultivating these contacts.

5. Learn How to Market

MLMers frequently employ the three-foot rule and other traditional marketing strategies..However, direct sales is a business just like any other. It can and should be marketed in a variety of ways that consider your target market, what it requires, how you can assist it, and where it can be found. To that end, you can increase product sales and interest in your business by using a variety of marketing tools such as a website (check your company’s website policies), email, and social media.

After reading the MLM Success Stories of famous Entrepreneurs do you wish to boost up your Network Marketing Business?MLM is a great career option if you are looking for a full-time job or a bit of extra cash to supplement your income. All you need is great skills for marketing and networking, along with a good MLM software to help you manage your recruits and their compensations very easily. If you are looking for good MLM software, contact Infinite MLM today!

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