10 Marketing Resolutions to Make 2021 a Success

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We’ve said our goodbyes to 2020 and we’re welcoming the new year with high hopes! Now is the perfect time for businesses to set new goals and resolutions that will take them to the next level. To help, Noisy Trumpet has compiled a list of resolutions we recommend you follow to enhance your strengths and maximize results.

  1. Embrace the art of delegation

    It’s important to recognize that one person alone can’t, and should not, do everything. Build trust with your team and allow them to use their skills to support you. Delegation is key to a healthy work-life balance.

  2. Maintain consistency

    If you’re planning an event, campaign, or any initiative, make a calendar plan and stick to it. The deadlines you set for yourself will be the key to your success. Working with an agency or partner will help keep you accountable.

  3. Push the boundaries of your PR strategy

    We speak from experience. Noisy Trumpet is always looking for new, exciting thought leadership opportunities for our clients outside of the traditional PR tactics. Taking the risk has always led to amazing results.

  4. Refresh your website design

    Every website should be updated at least every 3-4 years to keep up with the latest website, tech, and SEO trends. If you aren’t sure what areas need improvement, a quick website audit from an expert web team, like our own, can help you gauge the time, cost, and effort needed.

  5. Reevaluate your investment in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

    It’s time to ask: Are you reaching the right audience with a Google Search campaign? What’s changed with the keywords and searches people are using? Work with a top-rated Google Ads Partner like Noisy Trumpet if you’re not sure where to start.

  6. Dive into new social media trends

    There’s always something new and fun on social media. Test out as many trends as you can in 2021! Who knows, you could go viral.

  7. Explore new advertising platforms and tools

    There are many avenues to push your message through advertising. Don’t be afraid to try new advertising platforms like CTV, Spotify, Snapchat, and many more, that could better align strategically with your campaigns and goals.

  8. Continue to support each of your team members

    We like to believe our Noisy Trumpet team is proof we are stronger together. Open the lines of communication within and outside your marketing team. When your entire business supports each other and communicates, you will not only work harmoniously but also produce maximum results.

  9. Give back to the community

    Make deeper connections with the community you serve by giving back to the nonprofits that do so much for our city. You’ll find oftentimes your actions are rewarded with well-deserved recognition.

What are your digital marketing resolutions for the new year?

Noisy Trumpet is a San Antonio-based, digital marketing and public relations agency with the skills and expertise to help you not only strategize your resolutions but also keep them. Send us a message to start planning your success.

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