[100% OFF] Marketing Success With The Power of Social Media Stories – United Academy

[100% OFF] Marketing Success With The Power of Social Media Stories - United Academy
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[100% OFF] Marketing Success With The Power of Social Media Stories

What you Will learn ?

Course Description

Social Media Stories are those short-term photos and videos that you can share to your channel for 24 hours before disappearing.

It was Snapchat that originally popularized the concept, but since then it has taken off and is now a common feature on the vast majority of social media sites.

That includes Facebook and Instagram, but also sites like YouTube and even Skype!

This surge in popularity is due to the simple and excellent concept that is behind Social Media Stories to begin with.

Firstly, they allow creators to generate content that perhaps isn’t so carefully created as it won’t end up on their account

. Secondly, it allows for a more immediate and urgent form of communication, that encourages more interaction with viewers. This taps into that feeling many of us know called FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out!

It’s why people are generally very quick to respond to social media Stories.

But while Stories are often quick and off-the-cuff, they also have the potential to be polished and high quality. Depending on the nature of your brand, this can be an important way to reflect on your business, and to stand out from the crowd.

Read on to learn some of the most powerful methods you can use to get more from your Stories. We will split this report into two sections: image and video.

That said, it’s worth reading both as a lot of the same concepts will cross over! Types of Photos The first thing to do is to note the types of photos you want for your account. If you have

The organic reach of business accounts on a number of social platforms is decreasing.

Stories provide a great ROI in terms of the time and effort they require and the benefits they offer.

Stories are also extremely popular with customers and users right now.

Four out of five major brands report using stories to promote themselves, and that should tell you something about how big this is going to be going forward.

With this video course you will:

learn precisely what a story is

learn how to create a story

learn how to have huge success using stories to grow your audience

learn how to increase brand loyalty

how to promote yourself using stories just like major brands do

Course Requirements

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