15 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands Seeing Success with Influencer Marketing – Tagger

15 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands Seeing Success with Influencer Marketing - Tagger
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Though fast fashion certainly has conveniences for consumers, recent years have seen a turn towards more eco-consciousness in the fashion industry. Consumers are willing to spend more on clothing and accessories that are made responsibly, and the fashion world is responding accordingly. Brands are becoming increasingly mindful of their impact on the environment, pushing towards less waste and lower-impact production methods.

Eco-conscious brands have turned to influencer marketing to promote their products along with their ethos. With the use of influencer collaborations, brands are regularly offering discount codes and seeing active promotion with fashion influencers. With these regular collaborations, brands have also been more active and received engagement online as 2020 came to a close, the brands promoting Black Friday and holiday sales. It’s clear from the numbers: people like to feel good about where they spend their money.

With many resources at their fingertips, brands still continue to turn to influencers for active engagement with their target audience, getting right to the heart of their consumers with social media marketing. Through the Tagger platform’s growth, mentions, and engagement toggles, we have found 15 eco-friendly fashion brands seeing success with influencer marketing.

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