18 B2B marketing tips to bring you success in 2021

18 B2B marketing tips to bring you success in 2021
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Stop marketing to robots. B2B companies often fall into the trap of marketing to businesses. They treat their audiences as robots. But remember, there are individual people who see your ads, read your white papers, and evaluate your proposals. Stop being boring and learn from consumer companies instead.

One of the biggest opportunities for B2B marketers is to describe and position products in a way that appeals to the human beings they’re trying to sell to. A lot of B2B positioning feels like it’s pulling from the investor deck, rather than an insights-driven effort to understand an audience. The result is often copy and value props that are vague. 

If you position yourself as a B2B solution platform that finds synergies to streamline operational efficiency, there’s a pretty good chance your audience can’t tell what you really do, what sets you apart, or why they should work with you. If you develop messaging that’s distinct, specific, and benefit-oriented, you’re much more likely to connect.

Elliott Brown, Director of Marketing at OnPay Payroll and HR 

We find that the best way to market B2B business is to create personal relationships with customers and use storytelling as much as possible.

Be personal. Connect with real people through social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter. People respond to sincere, non-automated, non-sales-pitchy messages. Get interested in their companies and the work they do. Exchange ideas and information. Creating meaningful, personable, mutually-beneficial relationships can help build a great business environment. Then, use customer success stories to tell your own story and how you help other businesses. After all, that’s the real essence of a successful B2B enterprise.

Natalya, Content Marketer for LiveHelpNow

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