3 Critical Strategies for Marketing Automation Success

3 Critical Strategies for Marketing Automation Success
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Strategies for Marketing Automation Success

Marketing automation provides an opportunity that eliminates personalization, manual processes and is proven to drive incremental revenue. Marketing automation in 2008, I knew right away. That it is an important tool for me (an appointed marketing director at the time) and for the future growth of my company.

I believe in recommending the following three ways to use marketing automation to enhance your content marketing strategy. But first, let me be clear: I am not saying that these are just strategies or that you should give up on any other plan, strategy, etc.

Three tips will give you some quick returns and some instant success stories. By taking advantage of which you can increase your material resources. And you can increase your MAP Continuity. They will help you build your business more quickly than most other MAP tips.

1. Lead Nurturing:

Nurturing is an effective advertising and marketing strategy. The top quality factor you can do for yourself is to put in a nurturing workflow, without going into the extravagant practices, rules and regulations of creating content for nurturing work.

But you are no longer chaining emails and then other nurturing focused stuff driving your business. Pitching products at nurturing With Flow is a surefire way to set your electronic mail customers apart. As an alternative, give your readers some records or schooling that allows them.

For example, the primary nurturing software I installed has become an e-newsletter subscription chain. We publish content via email, eventually producing one to 2 highly exceptional newsletters each month.

2. Custom Landing Pages:

Well, nurturing is no longer the most effective email, it is capable of associating with email to reveal put up playing cards, live cell phone calls, or even a text content message.

If you are still sending click-in-step with-clicks (percentage) clickers to your home page or other popularly used page of your website, you can also take your % price range and add it to your can be added to the building. Custom landing pages convert as long as they are well designed and tied to compelling content.

For example, in the company newsletters I mentioned above, we’ve included a brief summary of the educational material we’re providing for free.

We needed to click through to the newsletter as it turned into a method for turning an unknown audience into a recognized touch, while the options to connect and learn more were additional ways to delve new touches into our content content. And, as a result, they will have a deeper connection with our employer. However, one thing I would note is that the primary purpose of touchdown pages is to bring them to the web page.

3. Triggered Emails:

Triggered emails create nearly 100 percent higher open rates and click-through rates than all other emails. This is a particularly effective strategy considering the content marketing strategy benefits. It is both timely and highly relevant to the interest and inquiries of your audience.

For example, when I was doing my first MAP implementation 6 years ago. I set up a trigger email based on the web activity of known contacts. When a visitor viewed three or more pages in the section I specified.

This triggered my MAP to deliver an email containing additional supporting material on that topic of interest. The results we saw support the figures above, with some click-through rates reaching as high as 30 percent.

If any of your target audience is willing to buy or take keen interest in your solution. They will probably strictly use your website. Pick a few pages that show high interest in a particular topic and set up triggers for specific types of visits. Remember for demand creation or top of the funnel effect, make sure you are providing content that is helpful to the audience. Not something that focuses only on your company and its benefits.

Here’s an example:

  • If you are selling Atomic clocks, you can configure your MPA to trigger the email. when a visitor views three or more pages on your website to see how the atomic clock works.
  • That triggered email may have included a white paper about uncertainty measurement in atomic clocks.
  • You can automatically “enroll” the prospect in your nurturing program, so that they can receive additional information about the atomic clocks.

For more related information, then you can check out this link: and .

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