4 Fundamental Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

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Internet Marketing BusinessThere are some absolute basic areas and foundations of every internet marketing business that you should have. Even if you are an offline business with an online presence, you need to tap into these fundamentals to maximize your online success.

Get Blogging Today
It seems that everyone has a blog these days, right? Well, your business sites need them too to help boost your presence online. Empowering your business site with the potential reach of a targeted blog can help you in many areas. First of all you can give you tremendous advantages with search engine optimization and actually make the search engine spiders visit your site more often. You can use your blog to easily target specific terms to funnel traffic to your products and services and thus turn targeted traffic into more sales. Blogs are also a great way to brand yourself and your services within your market. The informal approach to blogging can actually help you “Connect” with your market. This builds trust and eventually can help you lead to increased sales.

Visit Forums in Your Market
Another great way to build customer trust and brand yourself in your market as well as driving floods of traffic to your site. You can do this by helping people and sharing your expertise. Find a few different forums in your market build a presence in those forums then spend an hour or so a day reading the posts and answering other peoples questions. As long as you know a lot about your niche and you have done your research, which you would likely have done while entering into this market. Once you have established a presence and have about 50-100 useful and valuable posts then add your URL to your forum signature and continue to building on your presence. Forum marketing can be a great way to build traffic to your website and it is not just the people you help but anybody who reads the threads you create is a possible visitor as well. Forum signature links are one of the best sources of free traffic available if used correctly.

Building a Mailing List
Mailing Lists are an essential part of Internet marketing and if you are not building a list then you are leaving money on the table, pure and simple. A good mailing list is going to be one of the most profitable parts of your online business. Once you have built a list you can market to them at any time you like. You can schedule your messages using an autoresponder service to automatically deliver your marketing material as you want. It does not take a huge list to create a repeating stream of viable income and as we mentioned, it can be one of the most powerful assets for your online business.

Twitter – the New Kid on the Block
Well not really new, but it is certainly gaining in popularity with marketers who are rapidly realizing that Twitter can be a very powerful way to connect with their market and build their personal brand. Twitter is the micro-blogging tool that allows you to write a 140-character post about anything you like called a “Tweet”. You can have 1000s of followers who read your tweets and can click on the links you recommend. If you are not on Twitter yet then you need to get started as soon as possible. We will be releasing a new Twitter product in the near future that will show you exactly how to build a massive twitter following and tap into the raw power and huge profit potential you can unleash with using Twitter. Keep an eye out for that in the near future and make sure you have all these fundamentals in use for your online business.

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