5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Set Your Law Firm Up For Success

5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Set Your Law Firm Up For Success
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In this modern world, digital marketing is the path to getting more clients for your law firm or any business for that matter. It ensures the survival of businesses, generating revenue and growth. 

In order to do that, you need to employ the best digital marketing strategies. A good strategy can help you allow you to generate brand awareness, build your law firm, and set it up for success. 

Here are five basic strategies you need to follow. 

1. Create A Website

Think of your law firm’s website as the digital representation of your physical, brick-and-mortar law firm. Most clients will expect to find your firm on the internet. It is a platform to share your legal expertise, what you do, and provide contact details. 

With that said, it’s important to make a great first impression on your visitors looking to hire a lawyer. You can always hire a web designer and developer or you can do it on your own. Thanks to user-friendly platforms like Wix and WordPress, building a website for your law firm has never been easier. 

Make sure to follow good web design basics. For instance, using quality photographs. Include the practice areas your cover and the services you offer. You also want to include any recognitions, awards, or important experiences that you have. Make sure that your contact information is clearly and prominently displayed so customers can easily contact you. 

2. Set Up A PPC Campaign

Short for pay per click, PPC advertising involves running paid display ads on websites or search engines to boost visibility and generate more leads for your law firm. 

As its name implies, you pay a fee for every user clicking on your ads. Running a PPC advertising for law website can be quite expensive. However, it can offer faster results and allows you to gain lots of insightful data. 

A PPC campaign is often suggested for law firms that need leads quickly or when keywords are extremely competitive. Also, if you see your competitors running paid ads, then you should run yours, too, to get a place in the first page results. 

3. Invest In SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO has always been an effective digital marketing strategy for law firms. 

People often use search engines like Google to find lawyers in their area. And if you’re not on the results on the first or second page, you’re losing a lot of potential clients. 

SEO strategies ensure that your website and web content show up on first page results for specific keywords. The higher your ranking on search results, the more quality traffic your business receives, which also translates to more revenue and brand awareness. 

At the foundation of any SEO strategy, you need to invest the most in keyword research. Then, strategically use those keywords on your website and content to increase your chances of ranking. Another best practice is to optimize your local listing (Google My Business, Yellow Pages, or Bing Places) to generate even more traffic to your website. 

digital marketing strategies for law firm

4. Be Social

Aside from your website, your social media presence also gives your law firm a face in the digital social world. To attract new clients, you need to go where they are—social media platforms. 

And you have a lot of options to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Figure out the best platforms for your law firm and use them simultaneously to grow awareness of your brand.

For instance, most law firms are on Facebook, sharing insightful blogs and content about the legal field. You can also create Facebook paid ads so you can position yourself as an authority and attract new clients.

Also, you can follow legal leaders on Twitter and engage in meaningful and insightful conversations. In addition, it’s best if you set up an effective LinkedIn page for your law firm, allowing you to create a meaningful professional network, build credibility, and engage with established experts in your industry. 

5. Try Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven strategy for law firms to grow their virtual presence and attract more clients by providing valuable and relevant content. 

Creating fresh, informative, and relevant content can help law firms grow their business by establishing authority in your practice area. This can also improve your SEO ranking, expand your reach, and attract new traffic to your website. 

If you decide to start blogging, make sure that your content has a clear focus and provides helpful and quality information. 


Like in most industries, law firms need to embrace the digital marketing landscape to acquire new clients and grow their practice. Thus, make sure to employ the above basic digital marketing strategy so you can grab attention and help prove your practice expertise in the digital world.

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