5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing Success

5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing Success
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You can use many communication channels to reach consumers. A tried-and-true strategy that is not always considered in today’s digital age is direct mail marketing. Here are five tips to make your business stand out using direct mail.

Think Local

Consumers will be more likely to use a real estate agent they believe knows the area where they are trying to buy, sell, or lease. Use this understanding to your advantage by sending out mailers showcasing your local listings with non-stock images of the property. Include geographical information about the listing in your mailer so consumers will know where the properties are.

Take Advantage of the Holiday, Summer Seasons

Send a holiday card to introduce yourself as a local REALTOR® or notify people of your newest listings during the summer months. Thematic mailers can stand out to consumers even if they are not currently in the market for a property. It is a gentle, tangible reminder that you are there to help them out for selling or buying a new home whenever they are ready.

Give Them Something to Hold Onto

Create a mailer that gives people a reason to keep it, such as a calendar magnet or schedule for a local sports team. Both of these can provide value and be kept in the household with your name and contact information readily available for them.

Sell the Idea of Urgency

Providing mailers with your ready-to-move-in listings to potential clients can create a sense of urgency. The feeling of losing out on a deal or properties that will sell quickly will create a higher chance of the consumer reaching out to learn more about the property and a quicker intention to make a deal.

Play By The Rules

Keep these points in mind when creating your marketing materials. If you want to advertise another broker’s listing, you will need that broker’s permission and any advertisement will need to disclose that broker’s name, unless the broker waives the disclosure. Be sure that any mailings comply with the Code of Ethics and are part of a general mailing to a given geographical area. You want to avoid any sort of solicitations that are directed toward owners identified through current listings, signs, or other sources of information required by Article 3 or MLS rules.

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