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572: Kristine Drummond on Daily Routines and Rituals that Lead to Network Marketing Success

Dec 16, 2021
572: Kristine Drummond on Daily Routines and Rituals that Lead to Network Marketing Success

Stay at home mom and 6 figure earner, Kristine Drummond shares her daily routine and mental hacks that help her stay consistent with her income producing activities.  She also talks about a big turning point that transformed her business.

Who is Kristine Drummond?

Kristine Drummond is a mum, wife and a full time leader from Gold Coast, Australia and got started in Networking Marketing in July 2012. At the time she was working as a Personal Trainer, exhausted from trading time for money and working the crazy hours .

Kristine was a brand new mum as well and feeling very lost in life after losing her financial independence and having to rely on her partner for everything.

In the beginning Kristine just wanted to be able to contribute to the household bills however in 3 short years she was able to make it to the top position in her company and began earning a multiple six figure income.

Since being part of this industry her biggest accomplishment was out-earning her husband Tom in his Fly In Fly Out job which allowed him to leave work and be a stay at home dad after they had their son in 2016. This gave Tom special bonding time with their kids that most dads do not get, and allowed him 7 fulfilling months off work until his dream job came along.

Kristine credits her success to being teachable and doing everything she was told to do. She went to all the events, took all the notes and stepped outside her comfort zone.

Kristine now loves to empower other mums to create financial independence

Favorite Quote

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things that people say you can’t do.”

Must Read Book

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Online video and then get on them on a 3 way video call (using Facebook Messenger)

Recommended Online App



Other Recommended Resources Mention on the Show

Purpose Driven Networkers

How to use CLAM to meet unlimited prospects online 

Contact Info

Kristine Drummond on Facebook and Instagram

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