6 ways to sure success in your Email Marketing

6 ways to sure success in your Email Marketing
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Here are a few tips to make customer/prospects open your emails with excitement.

1. Write compelling subject lines. there are several ways how you can make catchy subject lines.

. Create some curiosity or fear of missing out on the offer mentioned inside.

. You can talk about the pain points of the audience and solution you are providing.

. Use the numbers and quantify the benefits of your reading your email

. Show the time value – within certain time achieve something etc.

2. Keep your emails short and straight to the point. Do not beat around the bush giving irrelevant information to readers while talking about a topic.

3. Make your emails personal – include the first name in the subject line or first line of the body of the email to make it specific the reader. Even customize the from name so it is not some cryptic characters but a human sending that email

4. Include the use of media such as pictures, gifs, and videos. This will grab the attention of the readers.

5. Email body should be like a storytelling that should interest the audience. Talk them through the problem they are facing and how your solution can help them resolve it.

5. Make sure you have a clear & only one and strong Call To Action (CTA) in your emails.

6. Proofread – not only for typos, but also for meaning, readability, and factual errors. Use tools like Grammarly to make contextual corrections.

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