7 SMS Marketing Tips to Accelerate the SMS Marketing Success

7 SMS Marketing Tips to Accelerate the SMS Marketing Success
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Every success has many micro efforts behind its strategy. Today we are going to discuss about 7 very important SMS marketing tips which can accelerate your SMS marketing success.

Every SMS marketing campaigns are not same always. There are few specific SMS marketing campaigns which are strongly integrated with the marketing strategy of the business.

A survey was performed by ScanLife which shows that 89% of clients shops by using their smartphones. And 64% of USA citizen use smartphone since 2015 statistics.

We have picked 7 smart SMS marketing tips to enhance your business success. Let’s learn them.

1. Creation of an SMS Marketing Team

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns require a serious marketing strategy. Which require some skilled professionals to access the perfect sms marketing strategy. Such as SMS marketing program expert, a retail expert, on-location sinage coordinator, SMM experts, digital creative designers, specialists for promotions, ROI and discount budget analyst etc.

2. Know your clients

To go deeper in your SMS marketing, you have to count the achievement of the messages. For that you can use a good customer relationship management app.

You have to generate right SMS to the right clients. For that analyzing purchase history according to location based demographics you can choose the right SMS for right purchaser. Wrong SMS to wrong client will make your marketing fail. To avoid these types of issues you have to perform segmentation of your customers for targeted promotions. You can deliver bulk SMS for general customers. For better result you must own great SMS marketing platforms.

3. Write catchy clear messages

Hey, to convert customers to sale you have hundred and sixty characters for each SMS. Less characters SMS converts better. In SMS writing must consider plain language and do not use abbreviations, all capital letters or any emoticons.

Open-ended SMS are harmful for SMS marketing. So, must avoid open-ended SMS.

4. Do not forget to use Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-Action buttons are the trigger of customer conversion. First it engages customers with the SMS text and then it converts to sale. This is how you can generate more conversions.

Here are some call to action ideas you can use for a successful SMS marketing:

Show this text – This call-to-action button encourage customers to gain a discount in order to client engagement in the campaign. For instance “Show this text for 75% off today”.

Click here – When you have less space in the SMS to express clear information about the campaign; a link can be essential to add in the SMS for more info. Or sometimes you need to take customers to a landing page, for those situation you can use the “Click here” button for client engagement.

Text-to-Win – Getting a gift or winning a prize from any company is just a chill for any customer. It can happen, just ask clients to text to participate in the contest which will enhance the engagement.

Text-to-Vote – By starting a mobile polling any company can perform a survey about their service, product quality, prices etc.

Buy now – “Buy now” is one of the most remarkable call to action button especially for regular customers. Text promotion with a ‘Buy now’ button surely can increase your sales.

5. Stick to the right timing

SMS marketing is a very short-period of marketing. It’s a game about just 3 minutes approximately. The SMS can open by the people in just few minutes. So you have to be very strict for right timing. Do not send the SMS at the morning instead of the day end when you are targeting an event on dinner or at night. That means set your SMS promotion at least 6 hour before of the event. It will give you the best result.

Just keep a sharp eye on right timing. While early promotion is harmful, same way the late promotion is not fruitful.

6. Opt-in promotion via many media

This is the very unique idea to provide scope to the clients to opt-in and it can be via all possible media such as:

7. Remain focused on the top clients

Your best permanent clients are your real asset for your business. They are not only your clients, but also your marketers. They will must promote your products and brand to their friend, families and other known people in their surroundings.

Keep enrich the top clients list and dedicate extra service and resources to them. As they are your brands fan, you have to perform deeper survey among them. It will provide you such information which will correct the serious errors of your business strategy.

Finally, If you are capable for crafting effective SMS and you are really dedicated to SMS marketing as other marketing, and properly for the above discussed SMS marketing tips, success is yours.

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