7 Steps You Need For Online Marketing Success

7 Steps You Need For Online Marketing Success
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Kicking off any new year in business, as the owner or CEO, we tend to be making plans for the success we want to see during the upcoming year.​

One of the things I coach my students on, and teach them about, is a 7-step process that helps you plan for your marketing in a way that has one purpose: to help you achieve the goals you have set for your business.​

So, before you start this planning, you need to have some goals set. Some business owners struggle with goal setting but it is very important to have your goals – written down – so that you are working toward something specific.

​To give you an idea of goals, I am going to share 3 goals I set for my business this year:

  1. I want to increase the leads on my email marketing list by XX per month for a total of XXX for the year.

Now each of these 3 goals has more details behind them. Steps I will need to take to achieve the goals. Those steps will all involving marketing strategies and tactics to make them happen.

​I cannot just miraculously add people to my email list each month. I have to do something for this result to occur. People are not going to sign up for the program; there are steps I need to take for this to occur. New members do not fall out of the sky; I have to take action to find prospective members and convert them into paid members.

So, your goals can be laid out, but you will need a plan and steps to achieve them.

The steps you take with your marketing will need to focus on what you have to do in order to help those goals come to light.

For service-based businesses where you offer coaching services, nutrition counselling services, or even online courses and group programs … typically there are all sorts of actions to take to sell your services and programs, and then there will be the marketing actions and activities to do as well. That is what we will focus on here.

There are 7 steps I like to follow to plan out the marketing and content I will do to achieve each of those goals.

  1. Know your Ideal Client Keywords. This helps you plan marketing in a way that will appeal to your ideal client. You must speak to your ideal client in all your marketing.
  2. Have a Plan for your Marketing and Content. If you want to save time – it starts here. Plan out what you will do, where it will happen and how often.
  3. Set a Schedule to Create your Content. Write and create your marketing content in batches so you spend your time in one block creating what you need. It seems like more time at first, but it won’t be. It will help you do more in less time.
  4. Block Time to Publish Content. It’s one thing to create the content, another to get it out online. When you block time regularly to publish your content, whether it is an email, blog, podcast or social media, you want to make sure you get consistent content out to your online community. The best part is, if you happen to be busy some days, your marketing still happens.
  5. Schedule Time to Network Online. In today’s world, it is not enough to have preplanned content published online. You need to get online too and talk and network with people. That is the secret weapon to making online marketing work for a service-based business. People buy you and your expertise – get out there and connect with them. Talk to them. Block time to do this or it will get left undone. It is the first thing people stop doing when it comes to marketing.
  6. Track your Numbers and Results. Before you even start – have a plan to track your stats and numbers. Get some systems in place so you are checking the results of what you are doing. You want to know what’s working and what is not working.
  7. Re-Do, Re-Use and Optimize. By looking at your stats, you can then optimize your actions and activities and improve your results. When it is working, do even better than you did before and stop doing what is not working.

These steps can be put into play and followed over and over for each goal, and the activities and marketing you need to do to reach each goal. Some will get merged into each other and some will be planned out alone. But when you follow these 7 steps they will help you stay on point to achieving those goals you set.

​If you are doing everything in a random way, consider trying a new way and planning your marketing – using these 7 steps. They will guide you to more success from your marketing.

Are you getting paying clients from your marketing?

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