A Wealth of Free Digital Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

A Wealth of Free Digital Marketing Resources for Small Businesses
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Over the last decade, with the increased use of artificial intelligence, social media, and other innovative technologies, digital marketing has gone through a metamorphosis. Whereas social media was once a place to connect with family and friends, now it is a full-blown media outlet where multi-million dollar businesses are branding themselves. Not to mention the explosion of video marketing and podcasts.

It will be exciting to see how much digital marketing will continue to grow. The number of companies with web and social presence has exploded, and this means that as a small business you need to stay on top of the trends and continuously come up with fresh digital marketing strategies.

To help small businesses stay informed and keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies, the Rules of Thumb blog from MoneyThumb has compiled a list below of the best articles and free resources from the experts in digital marketing:

The Year Streaming Went Supernova–this free downloadable report from Innovid offers data about video and display advertising trends in such an unprecedented year as 2020 was, and gain insights to guide your 2021 marketing strategy.

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Growth–Data Axle offers a free 16-page ebook presenting strategies to help small businesses find more leads. A wealth of information to help you increase your business online.

A Marketer’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms–ClickZ is one of our favorite digital marketing companies in that they offer the smartest and most up-to-date advice for small businesses striving to make it online. In this free whitepaper, they do not disappoint by explaining what a CDP, (Customer Data Platform) is and how to use it most effectively.

Experience 21 Free Online Conference–PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE! I plan to attend this free online conference on May 18-20, 2021 myself. Just reading about what will be happening gets me fired up. This will be an excellent way to network one-on-one with peers in your niche and learn from thought leaders. There will be interactive sessions and network building. We strongly recommend all small businesses attend this free conference.

The above video comes from Neil Patel, one of the best digital marketing experts in the field. A big part of your success in digital marketing will come from writing good content on your blog and using the right search engine optimization tactics to compete for ranking on Google. The video offers great advice for those just starting to learn SEO.

Blast The Competition With Consistency in Content Marketing–In that same vein of writing great content for your small business and competing on search engines is this great article from Marketing Insider Group. As a small business owner, you would do well to also check out other articles and offerings from this site.

That is a good list to get you started toward better online success for your small business. The MoneyThumb team would certainly appreciate it if you would share this post on your social media page so your small business peers can take advantage of the information.

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