Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success
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Looking for affiliate marketing for beginners? Affiliate marketing is simply the business model for referring people to other people’s products and services online. When you make a sale, you earn a commission. What makes affiliate marketing attractive is the ability to work from your laptop with no need for storage of products, delivery or even customer service.

All of that is handled by another company and in the case of digital products, products can be accessed automatically online. As an affiliate marketer your job is simply to drive traffic to products. The websites which sell those products are already set up and ready.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

So how do you start to become an affiliate marketer? What’s involved and can anyone do it? Fortunately with new software, tools and systems it is all the more easy to become an affiliate than was previously possible. Previously you had to learn a tonne of different skills such as website building, design and content marketing.

Now there is software available which lets anyone learn how to become an affiliate marketer much more quickly. Building a website was a difficult task 10 years ago. Now anyone can use drag and drop software to easily create their own website.

Similarly, user friendly software can speed up the process of learning affiliate marketing for beginners. (Click on the image above to see how new software and technology makes website building incredibly simple and straight forward).

Your Own Website

Although you don’t need a website to be an affiliate, it’s a good low cost way to attract website traffic. You can get your website up and running very quickly too, learn how here. With your own website you can attract visitors and send them to various offers on the internet.

Your Own Email List

Owning a list of subscribers is the number one way to generate a good income from the internet. All the top internet marketers have a list. Why? Because people don’t generally buy from a website, especially one they don’t know about.

However, if you use your website to generate leads by email, you can build a long term relationship with a potential customer. Having thousands of people on your list who you can contact with a single email dramatically raises your opportunity for making a sale.

High Ticket Products

High ticket products offer you, the affiliate, more opportunity to make a real income from affiliate marketing. Not only can you make larger commissions, but high ticket products also allow you to scale up more easily into the higher figure income brackets, and offset advertising costs.

Together with high ticket products you should also choose affiliate products which offer monthly income. These might be products which offer subscriptions and memberships. Again, these kinds of products give you an income and not just a single commission. See subscription affiliate programs.

A Digital Product Range

Many affiliate marketers choose the wrong kinds of products to promote online and/or the wrong marketing methods and strategies. You can spend a huge amount of time working for very little or nothing if you make this mistake.

Digital products pay more than physical – a lot more. Physical products pay 3-10% in commissions to affiliates. That’s because physical products tend to have a lot more costs involved: manufacturing, postage and handling costs, for example. This means there’s little left for the affiliate promoting the products.

Digital products are different. They offer a means to earn up to 50% commissions on a sale. That’s because there’s little manufacturing costs once the products are created, there’s no postage and handling costs and products can be accessed over the internet. The savings can be passed on to you – the affiliate for doing the advertising.

Learn More

Learn more and start your own affiliate business with a step by step tutorial program. This program makes the whole affiliate process much easier and offers a community of people, one-to-one coaching and a wealth of information through an online digital platform which can be accessed from your computer. Access here.

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