Affiliate Marketing Success Formula for the Internet Newbie

Affiliate Marketing Success Formula for the Internet Newbie
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Affiliate Marketing Success Formula for the Internet Newbie

How can you achieve real affiliate marketing success when you’re not even sure if you’ll still have your job tomorrow?

Think of it this way; job security is gone. The real security is what comes from the individual himself. As an affiliate marketer, you won’t have to worry about where your income of tomorrow will come from, because you own your own career when you have affiliate marketing success!

You can achieve real affiliate marketing success if just keep in mind these three things…

1) You need to provide something of value that other people want or need. Since we’re living in a time of pinching pennies, the more value you can give out there for “free”, the more you’ll end up making in the long run. Now, I don’t mean give away the farm here.

But while people do like to buy, they hate to be sold! So your successful affiliate marketing blog must promote valuable information that entices people to want to stick around and spend more time on your blog.

And, as an internet marketer, I can tell you that the more time people spend on your blog, the more popular it becomes in the eyes of Google, which means it’s more likely to move up the Google ladder quicker!

2) Provide information that can reach beyond your buyer’s needs and expectations. A rule of thumb here is to always give back more in the form of information than you receive monetarily. Remember to put your prospective buyer’s ahead of the needs of your bank account.

“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”

(Jonathan Swift: Irish author and satirist)

Make sure your successful affiliate marketing blog has a profitable marketing funnel built-in so that people who are interested in your offer will be drawn to a compelling “call to action”. People may really love your offer and have a true need for your affiliate product, but if you don’t suggest they click a link to put in their name and address, it’s just a lost cause.

3) Create a follow-up system to warm up your leads. Once your prospective buyer “opts in” to your website, the work has just begun. People tend to buy from those who they know, like and trust, and it’s up to you to make constant communication with them, providing value all the while, so they’ll have a reason to open you email and read about your other offers.

An email follow-up system is the best to use in this case because the system will automatically get back to your leads with the letters you create. Routine “broadcasts” to your list are also advisable to tie in your personality with “real-time”. Mention a “Valentine’s Day special” or a personal story that recently happened to you. Your leads will become your “friends”, and those are the people who become customers and buy more stuff!

Affiliate Marketing Success Formula..

The successful affiliate marketing blog formats that I have seen all seem to have these three things:

1) An eye-catching banner that can break attention and attract eyes to the marketing funnel

2) Videos that provide value and answer questions in your prospect’s mind

3) A follow-up system that will keep your leads organized and follow-up with pre-created emails

It all seems so overwhelming at first, but when I started learning through training recordings that I listened to in my car, things just started to make sense. Then I realized, as Martin Luther King said, “we don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith.” I’m glad I took that first step, because learning the affiliate marketing success formula is a journey, but it’s turning into “my prosperity journey”!

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People have made quite a lot of money and acquired complete financial freedom by jumping into the affiliate internet marketing world. Not as many people as you would imagine have been successful at this straightforward endeavor, however. Affiliate marketing success is uncomplicated, but not easy.

Affiliate marketing enables you to work for yourself, often from home. In any business, true success will hardly ever occur overnight – it is no different with affiliate marketing. All success in business first requires information, action and resolve. Yet again, it is no different with affiliate internet marketing. The fact that affiliate marketing success could be had with little to no conventional venture hassles such as property, staff and products and capital commitment, is the main difference. If you are persistent, nevertheless, affiliate marketing online earnings can provide to you the life you’ve likely always dreamed of.

Becoming a so-called super affiliate (read: affiliate that actually makes money!), it’s necessary that you locate and search out an affiliate internet marketing plan provided by an honest respectable affiliate marketer that has been successful and can show it. A thorough and total plan is necessary. Following it should be easy and it should give customer support and a forum. Everything that you have to do should be laid out clearly, and virtually all of your questions could be answered within the program and any outstanding customer support, assuming that this “super affiliate” has been successful.

One of the first things that most super affiliates will tell you to do is to discover a profitable niche. This means that you discover people that are interested and buying (a market) and then discover products that match that market. It is crucial to focus on a small niche/market, in the first development of your affiliate career. Tools and software that can help you locate a lucrative niche will be provided with most affiliate internet marketing success plans.

Once you have found a lucrative niche it’s time to go out and discover a few people to buy your merchants products. The ways to do this are many. Some don’t and some do involve time; a few don’t and a few do require money. And those that involve a lot of time and money are often not as powerful or lucrative as those that don’t. It is essential to look back at the plan that you have committed to and follow their recommendations on how to market the products, as there are numerous ways to promote your affiliate products, and in which order you do so.

After you have created a site, blog, or group of social networking accounts and have promoted your products through the various means, you can now “rinse and repeat”. You can discover a different valuable niche, with buyers and products, put together additional advertising campaigns to promote those products and make more money (once more and again and…)

For those that are searching for huge affiliate marketing success, a lot of super affiliates will tell you that you must focus on building “internet assets”. In other words, you will plan to build sites that offer quality content, honest reviews and maybe a community via a forum or blog. You will also want to create a high quality newsletter that will continue to offer your subscribers points, methods and info as well as links to your approved affiliate products. When building an internet asset there are many possibilities; with incomes that are much additional secure than fly-by-night online campaigns.

To ensure your affiliate marketing success, the most important thing is to never give up. It is not easy, but it is simple. You will hire others to work very hard and/or you will work hard yourself. However, quitting too soon is almost always the cause of affiliate marketing failures. Especially for those without a little extra cash to pay professionals, it can take some time. You can have affiliate internet marketing success, then again, if you persevere!

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I always felt something was missing in life; wrong with it you could say. Then I started to ask the really difficult questions, at a pretty young age. You know the ones; why are we here, what’s up with the church anyways, is the government really representing our best interests? Etc., etc., etc.

Based on how violently most of those questions were responded to, by most people, I figured I was on to something. I continue, primarily through the net, to seek out new information and network with like-minded people. Are you one of them? My primary focus these days is to find a way to create online passive and residual income that will allow me to do more of what I love to do and afford me the time and resources required to help others do the same.

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