Affiliate Marketing Success Story with Helpful Pharmacist Brady Cole

Affiliate Marketing Success Story with Helpful Pharmacist Brady Cole
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I love a good Affiliate Marketing Success Story as much as the next guy (or gal).  But this story is a little different.  Blogger and affiliate marketer Brady Cole is on the show this week to tell how he was able to parlay his pharmacy blog into an unexpected source of income.  Brady is a great friend and this is a cool story that should motivate you to take action on that idea you have been thinking about.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story Show Notes

Brady started listening to LNIM to get some ideas about affiliate marketing for the website that he wanted to start and we began the process by sitting down to test the commercial viability of his idea. We convinced each other to pick a different niche after weighing in the details.  As he was writing posts in Facebook about pharmacy tips to help friends out at that time, we saw that this has a potential to be a good blog. Brady has an unfair advantage because he is a pharmacist who really went to school and such so he has special knowledge that others do not have, thereby, if he turns this into a blog, he would have a wider reach and can help a lot more people. With this, he settled into this niche and arrived with his blog, the Helpful Pharmacist.

The next things we delved into are the challenges:




Brady has been doing this for about a year and a half now and he would want to continue putting articles out to help more people, find a way to make more money from the website, and even venture into possible speaking gigs. He is working on consistency in writing more articles and would want to urge everyone who is looking at doing the same to take action. He had close to zero experience in terms of technical abilities going into this and a lot of things he learned were gained from simply listening to the show so he shares that it is not as hard as it sounds. Creating a website and managing it can be done by anybody. So if you have a good idea, run it by other people who will tell you the truth and once you have validated it, go for it!

Don’t let ambivalence delay you or it may delay you forever. Take bold actions today!

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story Transcript

I’m so very excited about today’s interview. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. My very good close and personal friend Brady Cole is in the house.

When I say that, a lot of times I talk about my friends that are my online friends that I’ve made because of my online business. Brady is the flip of that. Brady Cole is a friend who was my friend before he was doing anything with online business. He saw the kinds of things that I was doing online, he started following guys like Pat Flynn, and he decided to start a blog about the thing that he knew about.

Brady is a pharmacist. When he looked out there he saw that there were a lot of pharmacy blogs that were for other pharmacists, but he didn’t really see any pharmacy blogs that were for helping consumers. As a manager of a big pharmacy with lots of years of pharmacy experience, he knew that he could get information out there and help people with their day to day medical needs that were pharmacy related.

So he started and has started to monetize that in some very unexpected ways. We’re going to talk about his journey and what I want you to listen for today is some things that will inspire you to take action in your journey. I’m going to tell you, if Brady can do it starting from nowhere, you can do it too. We can do it too.

Let’s hear from Brady…

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