Awin Group announces strategic partnership with Mavrck to power influencer marketing success

Awin Group announces strategic partnership with Mavrck to power influencer marketing success
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Mavrck’s leading influencer marketing solution now enables Awin and ShareASale clients to effectively track and attribute influencer engagement.

The Awin Group is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Mavrck, the leading all-in-one influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands. With Mavrck, Awin and ShareASale advertisers can now benefit from Mavrck’s innovative technology, reporting, industry experience and track record to successfully power and optimize their influencer marketing activity.

Across 2020 and into the new year, we saw the acceleration of existing industry trends – like influencer marketing – while new platforms and shopping behavior also present new opportunities for partnerships. In fact, when Awin and ShareASale advertisers were surveyed, 87% indicated that influencer partnerships would be a key partner of interest for their program growth strategy.

Mavrck offers an advanced SaaS solution to enterprise consumer brands that automates and scales influencer marketing and social proof programs across customer journeys. Their solution supports campaigns ranging from influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs, to brand advocacy programs and customer referral programs.

Thanks to Mavrck’s powerful discovery and CRM toolset, Awin and ShareASale merchants can easily find, recruit and manage the right creators among the millions of influencers available in the Mavrck Influencer Index across all social media platforms. Additionally, Mavrck’s customizable campaign and communication workflows afford brands maximum flexibility to scale and automate their programs.

Retailers are changing the way they work with influencers, seeking additional data and insights from their campaigns to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Mavrck’s robust reporting suite demonstrates the unique value creators bring to each campaign by reporting and benchmarking against key data points that prove the ROI and brand lift from brand engagement.

Joris Cretien, Head of Publisher Management US at Awin: “When selecting a SaaS influencer management platform for Awin and ShareASale, we sought to partner with a market leader that would offer our clients the best solutions available to make their influencer partnerships easily accessible through the affiliate channel. With FTC regulations and data privacy a core focus for the Awin Group and the industry, we also needed to ensure the partner offered comprehensive features that monitored all content created in accordance with local and global regulations. Mavrck met our requirements and more. With a shared vision to think about customers, employees and micro influencers as part of a brand’s influencer strategy, Awin and ShareASale are thrilled to be able to now offer Mavrck to our clients.”

Lyle Stevens, Co-founder and CEO at Mavrck:  “Most brands recognize that influencer marketing is an essential element of today’s marketing mix, but they still need to be able to identify exactly how influencer content is driving performance and impact in order to justify their influencer marketing investments. With our partnership with Awin and ShareASale, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and are enabling our customers to quantify how their influencer marketing efforts are providing real business value.”

For more information on how to optimize your influencer marketing activity Mavrck and the Awin Group, including scheduling a demo, please complete our form here.

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