Best e-Commerce Marketing Tactics for Your Brand’s Success

Best e-Commerce Marketing Tactics for Your Brand's Success
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Every year, the marketing industry is becoming more and more competitive. Brands and businesses need to come up with more effective and practical solutions to gain the support and customer base that they need to generate revenue, brand recognition, and success.In terms of marketing, the year 2015 has a great deal to offer, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

These days, e-commerce, which is the process of online shopping, is exponentially growing. Statistics by CPC Strategy show that e-commerce sales in the United States are growing at 10% each year and it is projected that in 2015, there will be $279 billion worth of e-commerce sales. Businesses that realize this growth potential will be able to transform their marketing by utilizing e-commerce marketing solutions.

What is e-Commerce Marketing?

For those who are unfamiliar with the e-commerce marketing, it is essentially the process of pointing online shoppers into the right direction to persuade them to purchase the products or services that your business is offering.In order to achieve this goal, marketing managers employ tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Advertising, and email marketing to retain and gain potential customers.

Many businesses remain somewhat reluctant to employ e-commerce marketing not because it isn’t effective, but because they are unsure about the implementation process itself. Rather than miss out on the wealth of opportunity available through e-commerce marketing, you’ll find below some of the top e-commerce marketing trends that you can employ. These trends are extremely effective in gaining you the customer base that you are looking for.

With e-commerce marketing, your customers are bound to be more satisfied with the opportunity to gain a more private form of shopping that is also faster and easier to undertake. Also, because most consumers are familiar with technology and digital mediums, you’ll be able to reach a greater target market for your products and services.

Offer Online Options in Your Brick and Mortar Store

While e-commerce marketing is a great way to reach out to customers and attain a large customer base, keeping your traditional store can have immense benefits in furthering your e-commerce marketing campaign. Operating both an online and store resource allows you to guide your customers in the right direction. For instance, when your customers enter your shop, it is useful to point out to them the benefits of your online store, how they can reach your website, and all of the benefits of using the online site.

By guiding customers to the website, they are more likely to not only use the website for e-commerce, but they may also direct their friends and family to the website to view your range of products and services. This essentially provides your customers with an easy and effective solution to purchasing your products without having to travel to your physical store. If your staff isn’t comfortable with directly advertising the website, another useful marketing trend is to simply place flyers in their purchase bags directing them to the website.

Mobile Advertising

Never underestimate the power of that tiny mobile device that is at the tip of nearly everybody’s fingers these days. Mobile technology is quickly becoming one of the prime ways to reach customers for a range of purposes. Because customers feel very comfortable with their mobile technology, they are going to employ it for many uses, including online shopping.

To guide potential customers to your website, you can advertise your store through banner ads or even create a mobile application for customers to use. The mobile application is an especially useful marketing option because it not only makes it easy for existing customers to purchase your products, but it also causes potential customers to download the application through genuine curiosity.

With this option, it is advisable that if you do employ a mobile application the mobile application be as error proof as possible. Customers are easily turned away by difficult applications and will be unlikely to use revised versions in the future.

Stand Out from the Rest

Most brands simply build a website and expect customers to figure things out on their own. This type of e-commerce strategy is especially ineffective because at the end of the day, those who do the work are the ones who win. Therefore, you should consider focusing your efforts on standing out from the competition by putting a sincere effort into attaining customers.

This can be done by offering your products on Amazon, offering excellent customer service, and even employing live chat systems on your retail website so that your customer and potential customers can remain engaged and easily find what they are looking for. The hassle free shopping experience is what is going to lead to customers recommending your brand to others, which is one of the goals of e-commerce marketing.

Gain Customer Loyalty

One big problem that many brands have is maintaining customer loyalty. One of the main reasons beyond this is that not enough brands actually try to attain a loyal customer base. Brands simply make the mistake of assuming that because a customer purchases at their site, they are going to eventually return. To the contrary though, if you want your customers to return, you need to cause them to return.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to drive loyalty and e-commerce is the perfect opportunity. To gain loyal customers, you can offer online deals for those who make a certain number of purchases or you could provide redeemable online promotions for customers who shop online. This type of strategy will certainly incentivize customers to engage more in your brand to commit.

Screen Shifting

When it comes to e-commerce, customers want solutions that are easy, simple, and offer them what they are looking for in a short period of time. One great e-commerce strategy that achieves this goal is screen shifting. Screen shifting is the process of engaging customers through a number of mediums such as television, mobile technology, or the computer. This type of process requires advertising your brand on a number of mediums.

Personalized Shopping

Oftentimes, customers don’t really know what they are looking for when they visit your website or store and it is your job to guide them. To facilitate a better e-commerce process, brands are marketing their products through offering personalized shopping services.

This personalized services matches your products to customers based on information they input and/or past purchases. Customers will thoroughly enjoy that their shopping experience is free of hassle and that your brand is able to meet their shopping needs by offering products that are close to what they are looking for.

Free Shipping

One of the most popular methods for e-marketing is free shipping. Consumers love options that allow them to get the products that they want without having to pay for that extra cost of shipping. The good news is when it comes to shipping is that most brands refuse to offer free shipping.

Therefore, by offering free shipping, you can the ability to stand out from other brands that are utilizing online shopping. If you want to get selective about free shipping, that is also a good option. Offering free shipping to loyal customers boosts their incentive to stay loyal to your brand and it also leads them to express the greatness of your brand to others.

Tablet Technologies

These days, much like mobile devices, everybody has a tablet. Tablets are great because they provide you with a great way to reach your target audience a through sleek and simple interface on a completely easy to use device. By ensuring that your website and e-commerce systems are capable with tablets, you can easily expand not only your advertising campaign, but you can also keep customers engaged because many of them most likely use tablets for their purchase needs.

Online Website Content

Finally, in all honesty, customers aren’t as unperceptive as brands think. Customers are fully capable of differentiating between a website that produces top notch content on their website and brands that do not. To set yourself apart from the competition, one major recommendation is getting quality writers to generate product descriptions and other important website information that your customer is going to read. Good content not only points to a strong brand, but it also implies that the brand values their customer enough to provide them with quality information.


With e-commerce continuously becoming more popular, it is vital to implement your marketing campaign to the next level by coming up with an effective strategy. The above tips work to help you generate the best strategy possible so that you can succeed and be competitive with brands in your field.

Also, keep in mind that when developing a marketing strategy, even in the area of e-commerce quality is highly important. If you want to generate and retain more consumers, then you need to be willing to put the effort into quality. At the end of the day, the consumer can notice the difference.

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