Boosting Your Success with Forum Marketing

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Forums can be powerful marketing tools, but perhaps you haven’t used them for anything more than connecting with like-minded people in the past? When you’re an affiliate, working a forum for marketing purposes must be done with great care.

Most forums allow a signature file (which is a few lines in the bottom of your posts that sometimes include a hyperlink back to your site). But many don’t allow affiliate links. That means you have to take the time to set up a landing page on your own domain.

When you find a niche, you’ll surely be able to find a complementary forum that goes with it! There are forums for almost every topic imaginable and you’ll find them on Google by typing in your keyword + forum.

Once you join up, make it your goal to be helpful and to provide solutions for the community. Others will appreciate your help and they’ll follow through on the links in your signature file.

Don’t blatantly post threads about your domain or affiliate offers, though. This is known as spamming, and it could and probably get you banned. Some forums will ban you for life. But at the very least, it won’t win you any fans. It is also wise not to refer to your link in your signature when commenting on a forum.

Monitor your traffic statistics and see what kind of forum click-throughs you’re getting on your sig file and also your profile in the forum (if you’re allowed to include links there).

Test the sentences you use and see which ones convert better than others until you find the perfect formula for your forum marketing success!

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