Call Tracking in Marketing Analytics: Why It’s Essential for Your Team’s Success – The Daily Buzz

Call Tracking in Marketing Analytics: Why It’s Essential for Your Team’s Success - The Daily Buzz
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Marketing analytics allows you to see victories, failures, and patterns of all marketing campaigns your team is running.

This is a set of practices that helps discover important information for future adjustment and improvement of your marketing tactics.

Software is a large part of analytics because it offers faster data processing and loads of automatic features. A number of programs can make the analysis easy and show clear results.

Everything from your team’s performance to eventual lead generation will be seen if you choose proper software.

It also helps understand your target audience and customers. Their behavior is very-well seen with every click they make. And knowing what they like and want more of will improve your leads and sales by much.

Getting the Most Value From Marketing Analytics

If you have a qualified team and sufficient software, it’s relatively easy to do an online campaign analysis. But what about the offline part? What about all the calls you’re getting from potential and existing customers?

A call tracking solution in marketing analytics comes to the stage at this point, helping you see customer behavior and optimize the work of your marketing and customer support teams.

This approach is started by assigning each marketing campaign a separate phone number. Using tracking software, every inbound call can be followed. You can choose a standard program or a customizable one that allows for adjustments to your campaign requirements.

As a result of call tracking, you’re getting valuable data about your customers’ behavior and needs, successfully analyzing the offline part of your marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the call tracking approaches explained.

Providing Campaign Insight

Allowing you to analyze both online and offline marketing campaigns, this approach works with unique numbers as well. Every online and, for example, TV campaign will have a separate phone number.

People will view different ads and call different numbers.

As a result, you will see what kind of campaigns brings more conversions and, eventually, clients. In the future, you’ll save a lot of money by investing only in the type that makes people react and call you.

Providing Keyword Insight

Call tracking gives an opportunity to analyze your campaign on the level of words. The keywords potential customers are hooked by to call are important to know for the existing and future campaigns.

And if it sounds like something illegal or data-stealing, you’re completely mistaken. This is how this kind of call-tracking works:

That’s it. The approach is very easy yet insightful.

Tracking Multi-Channel Attribution

The most encompassing approach is multi-channel attribution tracking. Companies have numbers of channels they try to connect to their leads through.

These involve TV and print ads, social media ads, landing pages with suitable keywords, podcasts, etc.

By multi-channel tracking, you will see all interaction of the potential customer with your ads. Usually, you would see one interaction with your ad, landing page, or online store before the visitor purchased something. While this is also important data, it doesn’t show you the whole path someone made before deciding to buy.

Sometimes people see your ads several times before actually visiting the website. They may be busy and then remember seeing an Instagram ad on an interesting product.

Then, they may try to remember the name of the company and look for it on Google. They may just surf through the site or even leave an abandoned cart.

Days later, an ad is targeted onto their profile on Facebook and that’s when they decide to buy from you. Seeing all this path will make the whole picture of customer behavior clear for you.

As a result, your next campaign can be even more precise, catching such “adventures” that lead to purchase more often.

Call Tracking Tactics Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Analysis

If you’ve done countless analyses and still think something is missing, maybe it’s call tracking. Businesses that don’t use it are missing a whole bunch of data that can help them get more results for less money.

Understanding customers’ thought process and behavior is essential for responsive marketing campaigns. Catering to people’s needs and being there for them as soon as they think about your product will bring a lot of conversions and loyal customers to you. And one reliable frequent client is better than a bunch of abandoned carts.

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