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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular methods of making money online. One of the reasons for the popularity of affiliate marketing is that anyone can become an affiliate very quickly and making money is as simple as driving targeted traffic through your unique affiliate link.

Despite the speed at which you can get started as an affiliate, succeeding with affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds. The main challenge that you will face as a traditional affiliate marketer (i.e. Clickbank affiliate) is that in order to make a commission, the prospect you drive through your affiliate link has to make a purchase…

This means you could spend a lot of time or money driving thousands of prospects through your affiliate link and still not be guaranteed a single commission.

And that’s why a new type of marketing – promoting offers based on ‘actions’ rather than ‘sales’ – is becoming more popular. With this model of marketing, the affiliate gets paid when the prospect performs a predetermined action that doesn’t involve them spending any money.

With this new form of marketing, the advertisers pays you for
sending prospects their way to perform an agreed action.

When a prospect passes through your link and performs that action
– this could be completing a form, signing up for a free trial, getting
a quote – you get paid.

That’s right, with this method of marketing, you can get paid for sending someone to sign up for a free trial or raffle.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that conversion rates are higher when promoting these types of offers – which don’t cost the prospect a penny – in comparison to affiliate marketing.

Like traditional affiliate marketing, with this method you can earn huge amounts of money simply by driving targeted traffic through a link. The big difference is, while the commissions rates might be a bit lower, conversion rates will be higher. So the chance of you driving thousands of visitors through your link and not making a commission are slim to none.

And this method also enables you to earn passive income, i.e. get paid while you sleep

In this report I’m going to tell you exactly how you can become successful in this new world of marketing right off the bat…

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Commission Marketing Success:
The 3 Step Formula

As i’ve already alluded to, promoting offers is very closely related to the original method of affiliate marketing where you get paid for driving sales.

Like the traditional method, you still get paid for simply for driving targeted traffic through your link.

And like the traditional method, all of the ‘heavy lifting’ – i.e. product development, raffle or giveaway facilitation, postage – is handled by the vendor / advertiser.

In order to succeed, there are 3 steps:

1. Selecting the right offer to promote
2. Create a category page to capture leads and pre-sell the offer
3. Send targeted prospects to your page

It’s as simple as that. BUT do not let this fool you into thinking these steps are easy, each step requires knowledge and expertise to be done correctly…

Most successful promoters use paid traffic to promote these offers because they are constantly changing. The nature of promoting offers means that there often isn’t time to execute an organic SEO Campaign. However, investing in paid traffic if you don’t know what you’re doing (or if you’ve done steps 1 and/or 2 wrong) can become a costly mistake.

Here’s how you execute each of the steps correctly and ensure success!

Step 1: Select A Profitable Product

The first step is signing up to an offer network.

These Networks are the ‘middle man’ between marketers (you) and advertisers. These guys handle all of the technical execution like tracking the prospects that you send through your unique link.

Most importantly, these guys pay you.

Now when you select an offer to promote, there are lots of things to think about…

1. What type of ‘action’ is required to get paid
2. How big is the niche
3. The offer’s EPC (Earning Per Click)

There can be a lot to consider; especially as there are thousands upon thousands of different offers to choose from.

That’s why I suggest you use a research tool to help out with this step if you’re just getting started. Without one, this step can be a bit of a minefield.

The recently released automated marketing software Fusedd has a ‘research’ step that massively speeds up the product selection process. Fusedd quickly unlocks the highest paying offers that are proven to convert, so you don’t have to trawl through thousands of offers trying to find them.

>> Click here to check out Fusedd, the 3 step commission generation system…

The good thing about this is that because success doesn’t rely on making sales; when you have selected a proven product, you’re ready to move to step 2 straight off the bat.

Step 2: Create a Category Page

An category page (or bridge page) is the page where you send your traffic to.

Why do you send traffic to this page rather than directly to the offer?

1. This page pre-sells the offer
2. You can capture the lead (email)
3. You can capture the audience (remarketing)

Many people skip this step. But those who do are making a massive mistake.

You see, creating this bridge page not only boosts conversion rates, it also enables you to capture leads (emails) that you can market to over and over again without having to pay. If you fail to execute this step, the only way to market to these prospects again is to keep paying for traffic.

When it comes to creating this page, you can either build the page yourself (manually linking everything together, such as your unique promotional link and your email autoresponder software) or you can invest in an automation tool that builds this page for you.

Fusedd is one such automation tool. The Fusedd formula connects two platforms to profit without selling. Step 2 of Fusedd’s ‘3 step process’ is creating these proven to convert bridge pages in a single click. The software connects all of the dots for you, you simply enter your click and click go.

>> Click here to check out Fusedd 
Step 3: Drive Targeted Traffic

As I’ve already mentioned, successful promoters typically use paid traffic to drive targeted prospects to their offers. This is the method that I recommend.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is typically most effective because it enables you to ‘pre-qualify’ prospects with your ad copy. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so pre-qualifying prospects ensures you don’t waste money on those who aren’t interested…

The key to making paid traffic profitable is to keep your advertising cost per click (CPC) beneath the offer’s earnings per click (EPC)…

EPC is the average amount earned from each person that lands on
the affiliate offer page.

If anoffer has an EPC of $1 (that is for each person that lands on the affiliate’s page, check here $1 is made on average) and you’re able to drive targeted visitors for $0.50, you should make $0.50 profit per visitor you send.

$1 (EPC) – $0.50 (CPC) = $0.50 profit.

Of course if your ad is poorly created, poorly targeted or just wrong, you’re not going to get the same EPC that other marketers have been generating. That’s why it’s important not to dive head first into PPC Advertising if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The key takeaway is that if you’re able to drive targeted traffic for a CPC that is below an offer’s EPC, you’re going to be profitable. You can also scale up your earnings rapidly with paid traffic…

But to ensure the traffic you send is targeted (and profitable) start small if you’re doing everything yourself or use software to help you…

This is another good thing about the recently released Fusedd software. The 3rd step in Fusedd’s 3 step marketing automation system is creating PPC Ads for you. Fusedd automates ad creation on the best value PPC Network out there (hint, it’s not Google or Facebook).

>> Click here to check out Fusedd

PPC is a whole course in itself, but with Fusedd, anyone can have profitable PPC Campaigns setup in minutes. It’s a fantastic tool to fast track your success and you only need $5 to spend on paid ads to start with!

In Summary

This new method of promoting offers where commissions are based on actions is a fast way to make life changing income online. The nature of this method, rather than selling. means you’re far more likely to succeed if you know what you’re doing.

If you choose to do everything manually – without spending a penny on tools to assist you – there is a lot of work involved in the successful execution of your marketing campaigns. However, there are tools out there that let you execute campaigns extremely quickly and successfully.

If you’re looking for fast results without a huge amount of technical work, I strongly suggest you do take a look at Fusedd automation software:

>> Click here to check out Fusedd, the 3 step commission generating marketing system…

Fusedd executes these 3 steps formula automatically. It actually does a very good job at each of the steps too. It’s worth note that if you do choose to do these steps yourself (i.e. creating a bridge page) it requires a lot of technical know-how. With Fusedd, this step is executed at the touch of a button.

On the flip side, should you choose to skip this step (or cut corners generally) you’re probably going to fail or at the very least, reduce your return on investment.

Investing in a tool like Fusedd ensures that you execute each step correctly. The tool also removes the technical boundaries of becoming a successful offer promoter, as each technical step is ‘done for you’…

Here’s a recap of why I suggest you look at Fusedd:

● It’s brand new
● Developed by affiliates for affiliates
● Automates the entire 3 step formula

In summary, Fusedd is the best automated marketing software product on the market to date. The team of Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and Nakul N are successful affiliates in their own right and you can tell this tool has been developed by those who know what it takes to succeed in generating commissions.

>> Click here to check out Fusedd

It’s your choice if you prefer to invest in an automation system or do all of the work manually, but you know have the understanding of what it takes to succeed in the world of promoting ‘action based’ offers.

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