Crafting Your Marketing Story for Greater Success – Paul Furiga Part 2

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When it comes to marketing the research is clear, your best marketing is telling your authentic unique story.  Why? Because our brains are naturally wired to hear and relate to a story.  Also, because we all have one.  What is more every story is unique which means that your story becomes a differentiator when it comes to your marketing.  The question becomes how do you tell your marketing story?  Well thankfully the founder, CEO and Chief Storyteller of WordWrite PR Paul Furiga returns again on this episode of A New Direction to talk and walk you through how to tell your marketing story that will lead to more clients, more business, more profit and greater success.

Paul Furiga will discuss the “5 Pillars than support your story”  Then he moves us to finding your story “archetype”.  That is are you the “wise sage”, maybe the “outlaw”, the “jester”, the “hero” or maybe someone else.  And then he moves us through how to ensure it’s authentic, it is told by the right people to the right audience.  Then as we move along in the show we talk about the difference of telling a story if you are B2B or B2C and considerations of a product or service.  And all of this can be found in Paul Furiga’s insightful marketing book “Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand“.  Get your Copy Today.

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