Email marketing success stories you can be inspired by

Email marketing success stories you can be inspired by
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He email marketing It is the channel that causes the greatest return compared to other marketing channels. We do not say it, a study by eMarketer

As seen in the following image, for every dollar invested in email marketing, a return of 40 dollars is obtained. Not bad, right?

To encourage you to integrate email as a communication channel in your company, we bring you a selection of success stories from companies, media and creators who have opted for this channel to skyrocket your sales

We start with the success stories in online stores.

Laagam and increasing sales through email marketing

This digital native clothing brand handles email marketing like a charm. Keep an eye on the data: the 39% comes from your sales from weekly newsletters that they send with the new garments.

The figures in which they moved were around 50,000 subscribers with an open rate above 30%.

The key to achieving this?

Accompany your email strategy with a newsletter that is useful for subscribers.

Beyond using the newsletter as a means to achieve sales, its CEO, Inés Arroyo, defends the use of the format as a channel to inspire and create community.

Think about it and put yourself in the flesh of your buyers: what do you prefer, to receive an email with offers every week or a newsletter with useful information with trends and examples and advances of what is new?

Many times we forget one of the most important pieces in email marketing: the recipient.

Get inspired by this case and try to contribute something else in your email communications so that your customers want to receive your emails and open them!

Beauty Sleep and its strategy to recover abandoned carts

The cosmetics brand Beauty Sleep applied a technique of email automation to recover the abandoned carts of your customers.

Here the technology together with the data from the ecommerce they did the magic to get the following figures:

To achieve this they raised a automated sequence of six emails to send to customers who had left a product without completing the payment in the cart.

Impacting them through email during the hours and days following that abandonment is crucial to reengage them and achieve that conversion. And at this point we have to say that the email marketing is the best closer sales to get it.

Once we have seen a couple of cases to apply email marketing in ecommerceLet’s move on to some examples in the media.

If you have an online store and you still do not work with email marketing, we recommend that you consult this guide that we have elaborated.

The New York Times Art of Getting Paying Subscribers

Newspapers have had to adapt to the new times. Several years ago they already made the leap to the digital world but now they put their efforts in communications via email. Specifically with newsletters.

The case of The New York Times is astonishing. A legacy medibecause he has known how to understand the language of newsletters and propose a strategy to convert readers into subscribers.

To give you an idea, today it has more than 50 newsletters that 15 million people receive every week.

Newsletters are used by the media as their own and differentiated journalistic product. In fact, most of them you can only consume if you pay the subscription to the medium.

Here you can see their entire catalog.

One more note. TIME magazine produces a newsletter based on its own content that it usually uses as a hook to get more subscribers for the print and web editions of the magazine.

Since we are on the subject of newsletters, it is interesting to comment on some success stories with this independent email piece.

DealFlows, a newsletter that invoices almost 2,000 euros per month

We also found cases of independent creators who bet on email as a format to get extra income per month.

This is the case of Jaime Novoa and his DealFlows newsletter. Its monetization model is through sponsorships that charges advertisers for € 450. Here It counts your entire process to get to that point.

Here another agent enters the equation: the brand that is interested in a highly segmented audience that can be reached through a content creator.

We know that there have always been collaborations with brands, but now newsletters are a great way to impact a very consolidated audience through a creator they trust.

There are people willing to pay for emails (that contribute something)

I do not want to continue without commenting on a super interesting case in Spain also related to newsletters. In this case it is a Nudist Investor.

A character who, thanks to the management of the writing, the copywriting and persuasion has achieved a conversion rate of 12.41%.

This means that it has achieved that 12.41% of its subscribers pay to keep receiving your emails that were no longer open to everyone.

Again, a success story where email and a good segmentation, impact and language management strategy achieve interesting revenue figures.

This is how the NGO HealthConnect One increased its donations with email marketing

In this selection of success stories in email marketing, you could not miss commenting on the one from the NGO HealthConnect One.

This non-governmental organization supports families in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting. To get more donations, December was the month chosen to finance part of the actions for the following year.

How they did it?

Indeed, you are right. Through email marketing.

In this campaign they decided to save the costs of postal mail and raise four emails in December. These shipments worked very well the emotional part to touch the weak points of the people accompanied by shocking images to eliminate friction and get the donation.

With this campaign they obtained a 20% open rate and 4% clicks. They exceeded the number of donations by 50% that they obtained previous years without raising a communication through email marketing.

Here we tell you more about how to create good email marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations.

Billing more than $ 850 with a list of 151 people

I would not like to end without mentioning the use of email marketing to freelancers.

CharlyMJ share your data with a sequence of emails whose objective is the sale of your info product.

Explain how he proposed a chain of 16 emails with a daily delivery very focused on touching pain points to convert into hiring a course one to one.

What can we learn from this case? What to raise a lead magnet In the form of email, it is a good option to achieve sales of digital products.

Conclusions: don’t forget the potential of email marketing

As you have seen, there are different uses in digital marketing in which email takes on significant importance.

Whether you have an online store, as if you are a freelancer or marketing a company, do not forget that the return on investment of sending an email can skyrocket and increase conversions.

I hope these examples have been useful to you and have inspired you to try this wonderful communication and sales channel today.

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