Email Marketing Tips for Success in 2021

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Email marketing is still going strong as a digital marketing strategy.  Having a strong strategy in place is going to help you convert leads and increase your bottom line.  However, with so many differing opinions on the best ways to get clicks, content, and calls to action, it can be confusing.  Here are some tips that will guarantee conversions in 2021.

Subject Lines That are to the Point

There are many thoughts on subject lines and what will get subscribers to open.  However, wordy subject lines that do not have a point are not the answer.  Be creative and have it sound interesting, but subscribers want to know what they are clicking on.

Honest and informative is the best way to ensure a click open.

Make Sure Your Content is Focused

The biggest mistake that many brands make is sending the same email to all of their subscribers.  Not everyone on your list has the same needs.  This is why segmenting your email list is so important.  When creating lists you will be able to send emails that are relevant to their interests and the content is focused on them.

Sending out focused content will increase your conversion rate and decrease your unsubscribe numbers.

Emails are a Conversation

When you send an email to a subscriber, it should be more of a conversation than a one-way conversation.  The emails should have their name and they should be signed by the owner or someone within the company.  Would you want to have a conversation with a robot or have a named person?

Another way that an email feels more like a conversation is to send the email from a person and give the reader away to reply, a is off-putting.  Subscribers want to feel like they are chatting with a person.

Why do subscribers sign up for an email list?  You have something that they want to learn more about.  So why would you send them tons of emails with offers and never give them information?  There is a middle ground to the offers and valuable information dilemma.

Yes, discounts and offers are great to share, but at the beginning of the sales funnel they want more information to make a choice about if your service or product is a good fit!  Some ways to share information without sending a long email that they are not going to read is to send an informative video or a link to a blog post with a few bullet points in the email to entice them.  Then give an incentive or a deal at the end.

A Clear Call to Action

Call to action is critical in all forms of marketing and email is no different.  CTAs need to be clear and direct the customer or potential customer on what to do next.  Many brands think that the email is the CTA but it is not, there needs to be a next step such as click here for more info, shop here, learn more, discover, etc.

Quantity versus Quality

Brands often think that having huge lists of subscribers is most important.  However, it is a better idea to focus on building a list of engaged subscribers that are opening your emails.

A good practice is to clean up your email list now and then by removing subscribers who are not opening your emails.  Not only does this focus on the subscribers who are interested in your brand, but it also can help cut costs.  You may be paying more each month as a higher tier than you actually really need.  It is a cost-effective way to be mindful of rates and give you more room to add quality subscribers to your list.

Find Success In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The best email marketing strategies are about giving quality information, connecting, and engaging with your subscribers.  If you remain true to these points then you will find success with your campaigns.  If you are interested in getting more tips and help with setting up the emails or the content, our team can help.  We want you to succeed in the marketplace and blow away the competition.

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