Email Verifier Contributes to the Success of Email Marketing | Socialnomics

Email Verifier Contributes to the Success of Email Marketing | Socialnomics
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How an Email Verifier Contributes to the Success of Your Email Marketing

Email address checker or email verifier is a tool that identifies any spam mails from your mailing lists, which can be full of them. If you are an online marketer, you might be familiar with the terms email validation and email verification. These are corresponding terms but are actually different from one another. Verification means checking the validity of any address and its activation status. Email verification is very important for your email marketing campaigns and here is why you need verification and an email verifier.

Checks if an Email is Valid

It is a very important process for successful email marketing and for running effective email campaigns. Even if you have a verified email there are still chances of a few spam emails may make it to your mailing lists.

Email address checkers filter invalid, spam mails and leaving you with active and valid addresses. The email address verifier follows a step by step process checking the following:

Update your Email Lists

An email address checker is a very effective tool for keeping your mailing lists up to date. Almost all the email lists have expired addresses in them. It could be because of multiple reasons, including address changes or addressee getting new email address or companies updating their addresses. An email verifier makes sure that you have a clean list.

Save Bounces

Spam addresses can cause emails to bounce because there is no receiver at the delivery end of the mail. These bounces can be hard or soft depending upon the reasons for bouncing. A soft bounce is when the email address has been changed or it expired. A hard bounce is when there is no way to deliver an email at all. An email address checker will discard any spam mails and save you the trouble of bouncing.

Maintains Reputation

By using an email verifier you are most definitely improving your reputation as a sender and as an email marketer. Dealing with a larger mass of emails or email campaigns it is crucial for a marketer to maintain their reputation and increase the deliverance rate. An email verifier does this job for you by confirming valid addresses and making sure that the messages are being delivered to the recipients.

What to Look for in an Email Verifier?

There are plenty of email verifiers available in the market now. Some are in the form of software, some are online, some are simple extensions you can add to your browser and start the verification process. The answer to finding the best email verifier is to:

Email verification is a great way to excel in email marketing and to make your campaigns perform better than others. We’ll suggest you try it because it will save you a lot of trouble by maintaining your standards and saving time.

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