Essential Elements for Website Success this 2021 – iManila | Web Development Philippines | Digital Marketing Agency

Essential Elements for Website Success this 2021 - iManila | Web Development Philippines | Digital Marketing Agency
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What makes a successful website? In this day and age, having just a website is not enough. You would need a website that is effective, optimized, and visually appealing. An ineffective website can be a waste of time and money for any business. 

Luckily, we have laid out in this article some essential elements to bring out success for your website. Take inspiration from these to bring out the best in your website this 2021. 

Know your goals

This is one of the most crucial steps to having a website. Websites do not serve the purpose of having one just because everyone has it. Websites should be designed to cater to the goals that you want for your business. Ask yourself the outcome you expect from your website visitors when they go into your site. 

Once you have figured this out, this is where you can build a strategy. This is the only time you can start to think of the things such as what name, title, logo, or tagline your website will have. Take the time to also read through our recent blog to know more about online business resilience this 2021 And must haves for a successful digital workspace in 2021.

Clear navigation

A website is only good if your visitors actually understand it. This highlights the importance of having site navigation that is clear and straight to the point, which will help users explore your site much faster and see the content that they are looking for. Good site navigation is also one of the best practices of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it helps search engines index your website pages easily. 

Good home page 

In this day and age, people are having shorter attention spans. This becomes a challenge for marketers as this means you need to capture users’ attention in the shortest possible time once they reach your website. For a majority of visitors, the home page is where they will first set their eyes on your site. In this short span of time, 90% of visitors already make a decision about your website with just one look at the homepage. 

A good homepage for your website should contain everything that visitors need to know and it should clearly state what your business is offering or doing differently than your competitors. Making sure that your logo, tagline, promotional messages are impressive and direct-to-the-point are vital in making visitors stay longer on your website. 


A majority of visitors prefer viewing websites via their smartphones and this has brought into popularity the concept of designing mobile-friendly versions of websites. Good responsive website designs adjust to the screen of the viewer whether they are reading from a desktop computer, a tablet, or a phone. This means that text, images, and other elements are not compromised just because the viewing screen is different. 

Visible call-to-action

Going back to your website’s goals, what you want your customer to accomplish in your website should be clearly displayed in your call-to-action. This can range from “buy now” or to a request for quotation, or to contact you through your contact numbers. 

This is where website visitors become a business lead or conversion, and call-to-action buttons should act as a guide on how to get there. A good call-to-action design should make itself clear to your visitor even if they are not seeking it out at first, and should convince them to click that button to take the next step to purchase your product. 

Aesthetic design

Much of the work of a website would depend on its visuals and design. A good design on your website that serves its purpose and matches with your brand identity should impress your visitors and be a deciding factor for them staying longer in your site. It also serves as a way to set you apart from competitors and make you stand out from the pack. 

It is important to know key elements that make websites a success. These serve as good foundations for what you want your website to be. Even for those with little, to no experience in making websites, knowing this information is a great way to better think of a strategy for your business and identifying how a website can contribute to its success. Set your business for success in 2021 with iManila!

Having a partnership with the right website development agency can help make your website goals into reality. iManila is a full-service digital marketing agency ready to help you with your  website development, hosting, and digital marketing needs. See what a business like iManila, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, can do for you and your business. Contact us now to learn more! 

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