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Faizan Naeem’s Success Under 30 as a Pakistani Entrepreneur with ‘Digital Genie Marketing’

Dec 14, 2021
Faizan Naeem’s Success Under 30 as a Pakistani Entrepreneur with 'Digital Genie Marketing'

Faizan Naeem, a youthful male hailing from the suburbs of Pakistan, did not come from an affluent family. Even then, he started chasing dreams from nothing and became the owner of a digital marketing company named “Digital Genie Marketing”. However, the dream turned into reality after putting in rigorous efforts. How did he manage to start a company without anyone’s support? What made him stay positive throughout the journey? Along with similar questions that you may want to know are addressed from Faizan’s own words. 

Journey Towards Success & Parent’s Role 

Faizan’s journey of reaching the goal was rather difficult. It is because the journey that led him to open his digital hub named ‘Digital Genie Marketing’ was quite a rough ride. Nonetheless, since the beginning, he had a clarity of vision and that pushed him towards the making of his dream company. He often says.

‘With no efforts, there is no prosperity and without consistently there is no start.’

He was also aware of the fact that it takes a lot of courage to walk on a track unknowingly when the destination is still blurred. Unlike many, Faizan walked on the right track. He was not loitering aimlessly in the unknown waters trying to make things work. That is the reason why his faith and belief always kept him together and never let him fall. 

Faizan Naeem’s Humble Background 

Born and raised in a financially humble family. He managed to earn a degree in Computer Science. After that, he worked on different aspects of learning, redoing, focusing, and not overlooking the basics which led to a great experience – something that satisfied and encouraged him to never give up. In this regard, he often says, 

‘Failure is what leads to success, it’s a part of the process, of growing and learning from the mistakes, failure is what motivates is and failure is what holds a positive impact for tomorrow.’

Faizan Naeem and the Notion of Facing Fears for Getting Nearer to Digital Genie Marketing 

He fixed everything that led to the foundation of perplexion. That helped him learn the art of facing fears. When everyone weighed him down, he stayed focused. He however was aware that owning a company is not easy. He knew it requires the importance of being responsible, devoted, and thoughtful. The good thing is, Faizan Naeem was quite certain about the entire combination. A lot goes into the input to receive a marvellous outcome. The struggles of today made a better tomorrow for Faizan, they made him grow and prosper. 

Digital Genie Marketing – Inception After Rigorous Efforts 

But what he has built? Well, a company, a digital hub that fulfils all the modern-day requirements of technology and the digital world. “Digital Genie Marketing”. It provides services to facilitate clients in the computing world. The company provides services such as website development, search engine optimization, graphic designing, Google ads, Google analytics, and everything around digital marketing. 

Hurdles on the Way to Reach the Destiny – Digital Genie Marketing 

He had to face a lot of hurdles that came his way. First and foremost, the kind of childhood he had and severe financial constraints didn’t allow him to buy a personal computer. Faizan Naeem had to travel to different internet cafes to make use of the tasks at hand. Learning everything from another perspective when he was taught the same thing differently in college also was quite a deal. There were many other issues along with the progression. But he believed in a saying 

‘You can’t succeed until and unless you know the core elements of everything that you facilitate to the clients.”

He had to undo and relearn a lot of new concepts around digital marketing. For that, he started watching YouTube and began implementing them in the field. Faizan no wonder fell a few times but he learned the best out of it and stood with chin up. Soon, he was thriving and found helping people of all ages.

Stay in Touch with Faizan Naeem, Owner of Digital Genie Marketing 

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