Fine-Tune Your Niche and Message Clarity to Generate Success – Virtual Marketing Experts

Fine-Tune Your Niche and Message Clarity to Generate Success - Virtual Marketing Experts
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When you’re trying to get a business up and running or scaling your business, one thing is always true: There is so much noise on the internet. 

There are tons of conflicting information and opinions about what you need to do to successfully start or scale your business. And, frankly, that noise is a challenge to dig through–not only for you but also for your target audience. 

Therefore, there’s one thing that you can do as an entrepreneur that will set you out above the rest: CLARITY.

For my podcast, Marketing Matchmaker, I recently got to chat with the extremely knowledgeable, Lauri-Ann Ainsworth. Lauri-Ann is a Niche & Message Clarity queen who helps coaches get clear on their niche and package it up into ONE signature framework that can be used to create multiple revenue streams, so they can scale their impact and income without burning out.

For Lauri-Ann Ainsworth, clarity really has two benefits–for you, as the entrepreneur, and for your target audience.

In her business, Ainsworth focuses on three phases of one’s role in their business: 




Ainsworth acknowledges that entrepreneurs tend to jump to Phase 2 or 3 right away. But, as a coach, she helps people recognize that it’s okay–and essential–to spend time in Phase 1. 

Why? Because this is the phase where you really hone in to find clarity.

Ainsworth says that the best thing you can do for your business is “Niche Down” which means to focus on one thing and become really good at that one thing. This is how you combat the noise telling you that you have to have a, b, and c in order to have a successful business. Instead, clarity in your niche provides the focus that you need in order to establish a clear message and process that both you and your audience understands. 

The benefit expands to your target audience as well. In short, when you’re super clear about one message, people are able to hear you. Ainsworth warns when you try to focus on everything, it confuses your audience and you, ultimately, become part of the noise. 

Her “Niche Down” approach provides valuable insights that empower you to take action.



Lauri-Ann Ainsworth’s “Niche Down” process equips you to find clarity on one thing for the benefit of you and your ideal client and allows you to see that one thing come to fruition as you build your business. And, once you’ve mastered that one thing, you’ll be ready to expand your business and ultimately become a thriving CEO. 

Want to find clarity in your marketing strategy? Contact me today and let’s chat about it!

For more from Lauri-Ann Ainsworth and to hear about the biggest mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make in establishing clarity, listen to the Marketing Matchmaker podcast!

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