Formation | How to Measure Marketing Success in 2021

Formation | How to Measure Marketing Success in 2021
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Giant Eagle is one of the nation’s largest food, fuel and pharmacy retailers with approximately $8.9 billion in annual sales, and during this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Damian Scott, the company’s Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Damian is an experienced marketer and technologist with over 15 years leading innovative teams, defining marketing strategy, and building digital marketing capabilities at internet scale. Together with Rob Fagnani, Head of Business Development and Operations at Formation, they discuss how Giant Eagle has transformed their marketing with a number of data-led initiatives. Most recently, Giant Eagle relaunched their myPerks loyalty program, and you’ll have the opportunity to hear about how they set up the program and made critical decisions based on their success metrics.

How to effectively measure marketing efforts and become data-led

During this presentation, you’ll learn how Damian used data-led initiatives to transform Giant Eagle’s marketing over the last few years. With a traditional customer loyalty program and an email marketing program already in place, there was already a lot of customer data available — but it wasn’t being leveraged to its fullest potential. In this webinar, you’ll hear about the importance of figuring out exactly what data you need, how to obtain this data and how to decide what findings are significant.

How do you meet customer demand when it’s spiking? Traditional marketing campaigns can take days or weeks to launch, so by the time they’re live, consumers may already have moved onto the next thing. We discuss how to execute marketing offers effectively and quickly, and how this allows businesses to engage with consumers at the right time to be relevant.

How to strengthen and optimize your customer loyalty program

Giant Eagle recently relaunched their customer loyalty program, myPerks, to be more data-driven and provide more personalized offers. We’ll discuss how you can strengthen and optimize your own customer loyalty program and other marketing initiatives through agile experimentation, measurement and flexibility. We’ll also discuss the importance of personalization: how to get the right message to the right people at the right time in order to engage them, and ultimately, drive stronger loyalty and increase revenue.

Answers to your questions on data-led marketing initiatives

The on-demand webinar also dedicated time to taking questions from marketers like you. Damian gives in-depth answers on topics including:

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