Here’s ECig Media’s Secret Sauce for Success in SEO Marketing

Here’s ECig Media’s Secret Sauce for Success in SEO Marketing
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Ecig Media is the world’s largest vape advertising network, with an impressive track record that makes you wonder just how they do it. Advertisement in the vaping industry can be daunting especially when you do not know your left from your right. Every company might have different goals per time, but the entirety of advertisement or marketing is to make sales. To do not, you need to be able to fuel and properly manage your advertisement for marketing game to not just reach many customers, but to get those customers reaching out to you. 

In the vaping industry, there is one advertisement company that every serious company should be looking for when it comes to advertisements or digital marketing and we already mentioned them in the beginning. In this article we would be looking at their secrets to making as much advertising success, and how you can do just the same thing.

Before we get started on the secrets, let’s talk briefly about the company Ecig Media.

Ecig Media is a vape advertising network like we have already mentioned. They have their headquarters in Fair Haven, New York, USA. They have been around since 2008 and throughout the years, from that time up until today, they have generated over 12 million dollars in vape-related sales on their in-house publisher websites. The network, Ecig Media came about as a result of their incredible reputation. By network, we are talking about the combination of all the major vape-related publishers. This simply means that Ecig Media allows you to effectively manage all of your marketing campaigns from the same place. It also means you get access to over 200 million impressions every month. 

Now that you know the Ecig Media we have been talking about from the beginning, it’s time to look at how they are able to generate notable success even in the seemingly crowded vaping market. 

Understanding your customer or audience is the first step to take. In the world of digital advertising, your customer comes first as you cannot make a single sale unless you understand what the buyer needs.  This is something ECig Media understands and so they are able to tailor their services not just to suit your brand and your goal, but to also suit the customers you are trying to reach out to.

Ecig Media has 3 major services that they offer:

For now, we would focus on just two of these.

Wherever your audience may be on the internet, these strategies would help you to get your product or service in front of their faces, it doesn’t even matter if you are running a brick and mortar store.

First, display advertisements. You probably already know this but it is a method of marketing whereby you advertise your products or services using visuals such as images and videos on networks of publisher websites. Influencer Marketing is a method of collaborating with an online influencer (someone prominent in the industry) to promote your products or services. These work hand in hand to help you link your brand with some of the top e-cigarettes and vaping-related magazines both online and in print. When you implement these methods, you also get to build a repertoire with vaping enthusiasts that can help you to build your brand’s reputation in the industry, allowing you to stand out as a prominent figure in every vaper’s mind.

If you run a brick-and-mortar store, Ecig Media uses geotargeting to help you reach your offline customers wherever they may be on the internet. You can as well reach out to more potential customers that are living within your neighborhood so they always stop by and buy from you. 

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