How content can set up your website for Success | Tips from a web design agency in Melbourne – Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

How content can set up your website for Success | Tips from a web design agency in Melbourne - Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne
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How Website Design Should Start

Let’s start with the obvious. You want to build a website, but it’s daunting. There are so many options, and so many people who say and advertise that they are the best for your business. It can be easy as a business owner, to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there to boost your online presence. So you decide to go it alone for a bit. You decide that you will talk with yourself a bit more and you will form a clearer idea about what this site will look like, and how it will function. Website design should start not with how a site should look, but how it is structured using your content. 

Something that can be often easy to do, is to pick a layout, and dump a bunch of latin text all over the place. You know the type. Pages upon pages of a developing website that look like this

While tempting, it may harm the way in which your website may be effectively built in the long run. Why? Because you need to think about your content in a way that can also be used to navigate your website. This doesn’t just mean that the content reads well. It means that your menu titles, the headings, and the general layout of text will be determined based on the content, rather than the design being the thing that your copy may need to fit into. 

How SEO Helps

What we understand about SEO, or search engine optimisation, is that in doing it correctly, you will end up creating high-quality content. When you go into your website design from a perspective of focusing on quality keywords, and optimising your visibility on search engines, you end up using headers and body content that sings. This is How SEO Helps

It provides you with a quick play by play on how to approach the nuts and bolts of a good website. Your load times become lessened by the fact that you have optimised your images, and provided them with alt tags. Your body content has been organised clearly under relevant and intention based keywords and headers. Your responsive web design is in full effect, meaning that not only is your desktop version of your website performing really well, but your more important, mobile version of your website is both clean and just as functional. 

SEO is a multi-billion dollar industry within digital marketing for a reason. It works. In a year or two, your organic search results begin to sing, as you consistently keep up to date with the principles that make your website optimal for search engines; but also optimal for the end user. 

Searcher’s Intent

Intention is a big part of SEO, but it is also a massive part of website design. Intention is all about why your users have come to your website. Having the answers to typical objections is a great way to build your website’s authority, and importance. 

Searcher’s intent is the bedrock of SEO and it can be broken down into 4 main components 

Informational – Having informational based content is a great way to add value to your user’s experience on your site. People with informational intent will be coming to your website with a specific question, or they are wanting to know more about a certain topic. 

If you’re a plumber, it could help to have headers or sections of content that advise when to call a plumber. For instance having an FAQ page that answers the question ‘how to fix a blocked drain’. Doing so will help a user understand their own situation better, and can advise them to either try what you recommend, or lead them to seeking professional help through your conveniently linked contact page, because their task requires a professional touch. 

Transactional – This kind of content is designed to ensure that people who are coming to your website are sure that the product that you sell, is the answer to their problems. 

The goal with transactional content, is that you are continuously providing clear reasons as to why someone’s problems can be solved with your product, and then you provide some good website design that leads them to call-to-action buttons, to get them to take action once content consumption is completed. 

For example, if you sell specialist cakes. You wouldn’t talk about how good the cakes are, you would entice people into the significance of giving, or getting someone a cake. A birthday for a loved one is coming up, a major career milestone, or a wedding is on the horizon. Talking about how your cakes complimented and elevated those events is a great way to inspire people to take action. 

Navigational – This intent is based on users coming to your website looking for a particular domain, a particular webpage like an FAQ or to find your physical location if you’re a shopfront. The way in which this content needs to be approached is through quick and clear communications. 

The key behind navigational intent is that users already know what they want, so making FAQ page links, or Google map icons/buttons are readily available for you to use. 

Commercial – This intent is about evaluating keywords’ ability to convert someone from a website user, to a lead/customer. 

Commercial intent is considered more important than search volume. As selecting the right keywords within your content can directly activate a much higher ROI. 

These keywords can include things like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Coupon’, or ‘Discount’. It’s basically about finding the best kinds of keywords that signal to a user that now is the time to take action and buy, or call.  

Sum UP 

Overall, content is something that is pivotal to the success to a website, and there is no other way around it. While having a well designed website is great, if your words are falling flat, if your services are clumsily communicated, and if your strong headlines are poorly written, then your SEO and your user experiences will take a hit. 

Take a stronger focus to your website’s content, and be aware of how SEO helps, and you’ll see conversions, and website traffic start to rise. If you’re wanting more advice on how to up your content and web design game, be sure to call or email Castle Jackson today.

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