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How To Use QR Codes To Make Direct Mail Marketing A Success – Starter

Apr 9, 2022
How To Use QR Codes To Make Direct Mail Marketing A Success - Starter

How To Use QR Codes To Make Direct Mail Marketing A Success

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What Is A QR Code?

A QR Code (Quick Response code) is a 2-D barcode that allows your direct mail audience to perform actions like calling you back, redeem a coupon, subscribing to a newsletter, pay bills, or booking to attend an event.

Placing the QR code on direct mail enables you to track the user location, time, and date of the scan. Besides, you can determine marketing campaign efficiency by looking at data sets that relate to email engagement, scan rates, and even payments.

In a nutshell, Placing QR codes on direct mail enables you to gather valuable analytics you may not be able to calculate with direct mail campaigns.

You can use free QR code generator available online

Direct Mail QR Codes: Key Takeaways

QR Code On A Mailer: How does it work?

When the mail recipient scans the code, they are directed to the landing page that corresponds with the campaign.

This is a great way to move potential customers through your sales funnel and send them to a location where they can collect more information about your products.

For example, a QR code on direct mail can give your customers an option for direct dialing your business phone number. Such a QR code allows the customers to contact the sales team and schedule an appointment.

Best Practices For Sending QR Code Powered Direct Mail Campaigns

Best Free QR Code Generators For Your Direct Mail Campaign

Are you ready to enhance your direct mail campaigns by including a QR code? You can create QR codes easily using the free online tools. Examples of free QR code generators available online:

Real-World Examples of Successful Direct Mail Campaigns That Included a QR Code

Here are a couple of QR code marketing examples and ideas:

1. How Synchrony Financial Used Direct Mail QR Codes To Boost Response Rates

Synchrony Financial, recently promoted high yield savings account as a better way to save money with a guaranteed rate of return.

Rather than providing the interest rate on the mailer, Synchrony financial used a QR code to drive the audience to a page with the most current interest rates.

Considering that interest rates change regularly, providing the link through a QR code provides a better customer experience.

2. How 97thfloor Used QR Code On Direct Mail To Increase Loyalty With Clients

97th floor, is a media company located in Utah. The company sent a direct mailer to all clients with a holiday poem and a $20 bill with a QR code printed on the mail.

When someone scanned the code, it sent him or her to a video that encouraged them to spend $20 on someone less fortunate during the holiday season.

Further, the agency asked everyone to share what they did on Twitter using the hashtag #20helps.

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