How to Use Technographic for B2B Sales and Marketing Success – Blog

How to Use Technographic for B2B Sales and Marketing Success - Blog
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In the present digital marketing era, businesses are totally running on technology. The various tools and apps businesses use give us an understanding of their technology purchasing habits, the challenges they face, how they go about their work, and into which technology they are likely to invest. It has become the catalyst for businesses to drive revenue, targeting, and outreach which ultimately enhances lead generation to faster conversion and close rates.

What is technographic data?

Technographics is the latest approach to market research and gives businesses an understanding of the different technologies used by their prospects. It offers an overview of what technology solutions your customers and prospects have adopted. If you are looking for a holistic view of your prospects, then you must use technographic datasets along with both firmographic and demographic datasets that will help improve your go-to-market strategy.

Why is Technographic Data Important for Sales and Marketing Success?

Technographic data can be used by B2B and B2C and IT companies that offer products, services, or solutions. Only using demographics and firmographics could lead to several gaps in understanding your target audience. This is where Technographics comes to your rescue. It is a combination of the three that completes the triangle and it can be used by your sales and marketing teams to target clients and personalize their pitches. It can be used by business intelligence teams for risk management and to enhance decision-making skills. The customer success team can use it to identify minor risks way ahead of time.

Sources of Technographic Data

Companies gather technographic data by using various methods such as;

#1 Crawling the web :

Gathering information from websites and looking at the source code of web pages will help you to acquire accurate data regarding the apps and services used by a particular company.

#2 Social Media Posts :

Using social media posts can help you procure information regarding new hires by the organization, their customers, technology partners, etc.

#3 From third-party vendors :

Cloud-based service providers such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions, will provide you with attested technographic data sets. Therefore, obtaining technographic data from third-party vendors is the most direct method.

#4 Company Reports :

Company reports shows who provides technological solutions, their upcoming partnerships and also offer information on which technologies the company has dropped. It helps identify different areas where there is underperformance and might need new services to help them improve.

How to Use Technographic Data for B2B Sales and Marketing Success

If you want to be successful in your outreach targeting which can increase conversions and closed win results you need to understand the technology tools you have installed. Given below are a few points to help you understand how you can use technographic data for your B2B Sales and Marketing Success. 

#1 Identify Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities:

You can understand your prospects’ gaps, challenges, and opportunities by studying their tech stack. If you know your company has developed a platform that can be integrated with Salesforce, then you would target prospects using Salesforce. Moreover, if you are able to identify if they are using your competitor’s product this can help your sales reps tailor their sales pitch before connecting with prospects.

#2 Focused Customer Segmentation :

Technographic data can help analyse your current customers and build a clear image of prospects’ technology stack and the methods they use to solve issues. Therefore, you can personalize your sales pitch to appeal to them better.

Technographic data can suggest the size of the organization and how progressive their marketing and technology teams are. Therefore, it helps you to reach the right people, enabling you to increase the potential of driving more prospects through the sales funnel and engaging with them more effectively.

#3 Customize Content Marketing with Technographics :

By using technographic you can customize your content to fit the technology stack of your prospects. If you are able to identify the channels your prospects use, their tech challenges, etc. will help you share more information about how to use the technology they are using to solve problems. Therefore, you can improve the entire inbound marketing funnel to serve the lead better. Moreover, content can be promoted and molded accordingly based on the customer’s technology use.

#4 Prioritizing Leads for Best Sales Opportunities

Having access to a deeper customer profile based on firmographic and technographic data, you can prioritize and distribute targeted leads through your marketing and sales teams. Through lead prioritization, you will be able to differentiate qualified leads from false leads. When you combine your technographic data with intent data, you will have an automated way to prioritize your leads that will help your sales reps find leads that have the best sales opportunities.

#5 Technographics for Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing has been the major focus of many B2B organizations as it is considered an effective marketing strategy. Organizations that have an influence on your business offer a personalized interface with targeted contacts that can develop a strong relationship with your prospects.

With an effective ABM strategy, you can directly communicate with your prospect. Therefore, technographic data can be an effective tool to help personalize your communication to keep it relevant and engaging.

In today’s technology business, it is safe to say that technographic data is here to stay. It offers solutions to your prospects’ pain points that can make you stand out from the crowd. Technographic data can be effectively used for the success of your B2B sales and marketing as companies can be better equipped when targeting prospects in today’s digital age.

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.

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