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#HubbaStories: How One Brand Turned Viral Success Into Viable Marketing Plan with the Help of Hubba Influencers

Nov 26, 2021

#HubbaStories: How One Brand Turned Viral Success Into Viable Marketing Plan with the Help of Hubba Influencers

Note: #HubbaStories is a new series highlighting the successes of our community of really amazing and unique craft brands, retailers and influencers. You’ve been a big part of making Hubba what it is. This is your time. Check in here at the blog for #HubbaStories to congratulate your peers, and learn more about how you can use Hubba to accomplish your next goals. Let’s get things done.

“Our original plan was to watch the trends online, learn about the specialty market and go from there” explains Brian Hoppe of Lono Life, a paleo bone broth brand based in Oceanside, California. “But in January of 2016, we went to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco to learn about the retail world, and unbeknownst to us, we’d actually been named one of the Top 5 Trending Brands for 2016. It instantly put us in the media!”

Before they knew it, attention from more than 30 online publications including Huffington Post, Time Magazine and Redbook put this brand on the food and beverage industry’s map. “It basically took us from a no-name [company] selling solely online, to a company with national distribution” he says of the brand that’s now sold in more than 2500 retail stores across the nation.

With retailers galore and unexpected rapid growth, Hoppe and his team began to work on their marketing plan. “We’ve grown so fast that we don’t have a lot of data to develop our marketing strategy. We’ve got our advertising agencies; we invest in display and keyword ads, but what we’ve realized is organic PR is the most beneficial way for us to reach our consumers, and that’s where Hubba has come in [to our story].”

How Hubba helped

Even if your brand didn’t have the explosive start Lono Life had, influencer marketing is still incredibly impactful as an organic marketing strategy. “Following our first wave [of media coverage] in January, we also launched a high protein coffee. Huffington Post covered it again, which gave us another sort of ‘adrenaline shot’ of customers, but Hubba has been a channel for us to really focus on the influencer side of our connections.”

“Through Hubba, we’ve gotten two or three pretty prominent bloggers to write about us” Hoppe says. Lono Life uses Hubba to both reach out to bigger name influencers, and to be found by smaller ones looking for collaborations. Our messaging function allows you to easily contact industry experts, while our discovery network automatically puts your brand on the screen of prominent influencers actively looking for products in your industry.

After initial contact, Lono Life asks for candid review posts, offering a profit-share model to collaborators – one of many creative ways to build a win-win relationship with influencers on our network. “The [results have] been very positive! It’s been a really beneficial platform to source those relationships. The typical paid search and other types of media… they don’t quite have the same value for us.” Consumers trust social media influencers to guide them in their purchasing decisions – that’s, in large part, where your brand’s sales potential lies.

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