InfoClutch: Providing Success-Driving B2B Marketing Data Solutions Across the Globe

InfoClutch: Providing Success-Driving B2B Marketing Data Solutions Across the Globe
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InfoClutch is a B2B data marketing company based in Edison, New Jersey, that fulfills its clients’ tailored data and information research, analytic, and communication needs. The company’s services include, among others, formulating marketing data solutions and generating mailing lists as per its client’s requirements. Currently,InfoClutch’s clients mostly consist of businesses that target markets in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others in Europe.

Furthermore, InfoClutch’s services cater to the requirements of a broad range of industries and sub-industries alike. Each client, irrespective of the industry they operate in, is given marketing data solutions that considerably assist their sales and marketing departments in successfully overcoming operational challenges. Most importantly, with more than 70 million database records at their disposal, they strives to give an optimally efficient service that prioritizes its clients’ utmost satisfaction.

InfoClutch Inc. began its operations in 2010 with a team of 30 members. The company’s marketing head is Robert Jordan, who has worked in that capacity for nine years. With the endeavors of Robert Jordan and his team of data experts and strategists, InfoClutch subsequently expanded to a company of 150 members. With booming business, the company began providing services to companies based in other countries. Consisting of professionals in diverse areas of Information Technology, they have expanded to a 250-member strong team. Currently, InfoClutch has branched out in providing marketing data solutions.For example, the company now provides email marketing services that allow clients to reach out to potential customers successfully.

As a B2B company, InfoClutch provides its services to other businesses. Precisely, InfoClutch’s client tale consists of companies that aim to deliver goods and services to customers in other countries. Naturally, having a target market in a foreign country poses various challenges and obstacles.

For instance, geographical distance entails varying cultural, social, economic, and political conditions; also, differences in time zone can present a communication challenge. Hence, it is for overcoming challenges of such a nature that businesses seek out the services of InfoClutch. By gathering, processing, and organizing an ever-expanding raw database, it has made Mailing Lists for the regions and countries where client businesses want to provide their services. In devising their solutions,the data and information technology experts of InfoClutch analyze the mailing list solutions offered by companies operating in clients’ target markets.Hence, the solutions provided by InfoClutch are firmly grounded in research and data local to the clients’ target markets abroad.To date, more than 500 organizations have sought out InfoClutch’s services, and the feedback of these business customers are publicly accessible. In their highly positive reviews, clients report the following percentage increases after using InfoClutch’s services: 15% of Click-Through Rate, 25% of Open Rate, 350% of Increase in ROI, and 12% Response Rate.

Management at InfoClutch is confident that the company can experience even more significant growth and success with its clients’ cooperation. Improved communication with clientswill be the key to further expansion. Better communication would include more constructive and elaborate feedback from clients. This way, strengths can be identified and maintained, whereas any shortcomings are addressed and eliminated. Moreover, a more thorough and meticulous outline of each client’s challenges and requirements will ensure the best possible service.

InfoClutch further believes that clients’ target of more extensive orders will guarantee the company’s services’ optimum payoff.

Unwilling to compromise on service quality, InfoClutch refuses to have any outside investments. Instead, the company uses its profits are to improve the scale of its operation and services.This decision to bar investors is out of the concern that exclusive investor interest in profit-maximization may jeopardize the customer-centric attitude of InfoClutch Inc.

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Message to current and potential customers:

With the ubiquity of information technology and the consumer preference forusing internet-based services, a new era of the data-dominated business environment has emerged. These changing business conditions have led to the uprising of new challenges and obstacles for businesses looking to target foreign markets. With the technological and research expertise of InfoClutch’s personnel, solutions to the challenges mentioned above will dissolve geographical barriers. Hence, with InfoClutch’s customer-centric services in data marketing solutions, businesses can operate efficiently despite long distances.

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