Marketing Success Secret #7 | DFY Marketing Systems

Marketing Success Secret #7 | DFY Marketing Systems
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Do you know the difference between you and Warren Buffet?

No, it’s not 88.6 billion dollars. You and Buffet are both the same in one very important respect. When you wake up in the morning, you both have the same number of hours/minutes/seconds in a day. What you decide to do with it, well, that’s the difference.

Will you flip burgers today, or will you find a marketing campaign to increase your sales this month and implement it? (I will help you with this one.) But unfortunately, I can’t create any more time in the day

for you to get everything done. I wish I could. it would solve lots of challenges for everyone. Including me!

But as the saying goes… “success leaves clues.”

And by hanging out, working with, and helping some remarkably successful entrepreneurs in my experiences, I can give you some secrets on how to focus on the right things to move your business forward in 2021 and making more sales!

Be Super Confident

Top successful entrepreneurs have decided that nothing, and no one, will stop them. Nothing. Have you ever met a successful person and felt the confidence they exude? If you desire success, you must believe in your heart, mind, and soul with every fiber of your being that the solution (product or service) you offer is hugely beneficial and will help many people.

This unwavering core belief is going to give you uber confidence, and confidence breeds success. Believe in yourself and what you are doing. You can’t sell anything if you don’t believe.

Don’t Ever Cheat Your Customers

I learned this lesson when I bought my first restaurant at 18 years old. I was still a senior in high school – I know… what the heck was I thinking? I needed a kitchen for my catering business as it was growing rapidly, and I thought I could do both. There’s a whole bunch of lessons here I won’t get into.

I bought an existing Pizzeria. It was mainly carryout and delivery, and it had 4 tables that sat 16 people. I bought it from an older Italian gentleman with a very heavy accent named Jozzepi. Love that guy. That was also the name of the pizzeria. The last thing he told me when I signed the papers to take it over was, “Michael, don’t ever cheat your customers.” I still remember those words to this day. Especially because it sounded cool with his accent.

What he meant was, don’t lie in your marketing, don’t skimp on your cheese, don’t use cheap products, and don’t charge your customers for one thing and give them another. Be true to your customers, over-deliver, and do the little things that will get them talking about you telling others. Great lesson, thank you, Mr. Jozzepi.

Take Action… NOW

They don’t say well, I’ll get to that important marketing task tomorrow. Or next week will be a good time to think about building my business. Highly successful entrepreneurs are also hopelessly impatient. They don’t make excuses. They just want to get to work and don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way.

They also realize that they don’t have to do it all themselves. They invite help and seek people that can do it quicker, better, and cheaper than if they did it themselves. And remember…

Money Loves Speed

Pin that up on your wall. It’s worth reminding yourself.

If Something Works, Keep Doing It

This one frustrates me to no end. It’s called “The Shiny Object Syndrome.” So many business owners are easily distracted by the next new thing. They think this new app is really cool and will make them a bunch of money if they sign up or buy this. While something they have been doing for years that has consistently brought them sales month after month, year after year, gets pushed back and stopped all together to make room for the new shiny object.

This happens all the time, and we are all guilty because it’s in our DNA as entrepreneurs. We get excited about new things and want to try the newest, best marketing digital thingy we just saw on Facebook that swears will bring you a thousand new customers in less than 48 hours using global positioning satellites and get you to the #1 spot on Google. Uh- huh.

Beware, my friends. You will get bored of your marketing that works and brings you money long before your customers will. When you find something that works to bring you in sales, tweak it to slip stream it or run a variation of that promotion.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Our No Peeking Promotion. It’s without a doubt the #1 Done For You Promotion we do for our clients. It has huge success for our clients that do it every year in December and January. It has all the ingredients to consistently be a standout in your marketing toolbox.

No Peeking uses the curiosity slipstream marketing multiplier that draws your customers in. It’s simple, inexpensive, and you know it’s getting to your best customers – the ones that already give you money and love you.

So, if something works this good why would you only do it once a year?

We have tweaked this promotion to work any month of the year using that month’s slipstream holiday or event. What I mean by that is what’s on the mind of your customers already. We theme this promotion out every month of the year.

Why? Because it WORKS! When you find something that works this well, why not do it repeatedly throughout the year? The best part is… it doesn’t stop working!

Sorry I get a little excited when talking about this promotion because it works so darn well, and I love making money for our clients.

Here’s to a successful year!

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