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Network Marketing Success Is About Sorting - Not Convincing - The Online Ad Network
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Network marketing success is about sorting. Stop wasting time trying to convince people who aren’t ready. Not everybody is your prospect.

Network marketing success is about sortingI know we all like to think anybody “can” do this business. And, the reality is that anybody can. But the other reality is that not everyone is ready at this moment. I see a lot of people new to network marketing spending a lot of time trying to convince, persuade, and just bother people to a point of exhaustion.

You get tired of people telling you “no”. They get tired of getting pitched. And, you end up in the “NFL” (No Friends Left) club.

So, what are the reasons people don’t listen to you when you invite them to a presentation?

The first thing to do is to take a good luck at you and your own history with them. I heard Ray Higdon say something like this:

This business is tough
because it will reward you
or punish you based
on the person you have been.

Let’s look at that for a minute. If you’re the person who is constantly complaining, not putting in your share of work at the job, displaying poor habits and choices, can you see why folks might be hesitant to partner with you?

The good news is that you can begin fixing that posture by getting serious about personal development, creating (not finding) a better attitude, doing the best you can at the job you have, and making overall better choices in life. This improvement can take some time, but it it time well spent.

But what if you are on the other side of this? What if you are the person who is not always complaining, always working hard, and setting a good example for others? Folks will definitely be more open to looking based on who you’ve been for them. But … this still won’t guarantee that someone wants to partner with you.

You want to understand: Not everybody is ready.

That person you thought would be perfect for this might have just got a raise. They’re feeling like they are doing well. OR they may be open to more.

That person that just got laid off may be someone you’d like to talk to. But if they have an employee mindset, starting a business may or may not be on their mind at this point.

This is why network marketing success is about sorting. All we are really doing is sorting. We have a large group of associates, friends, social media connections, co-workers, etc… Instead of trying to convince them they should join you or attend a presentation, just let them know you’ve started a new project and why you’re excited about it. Explain it in 2 minutes or less and let them know that if they’d ever like to learn more, you’re happy to show it to them.

When you hear someone mention that they hate their job or are looking for something, let them know you may have something that would be a great fit and offer to let them see more if they are interested.

Sorting works like this:

Network Marketing Success Is About SortingYou sort through the people you know and come in contact with to see who might be interested in learning more.

You then sort through that group to see who might be ready to take action.

From there, you sort through that group to see who follows through.

Then you sort through those to see who will actually do what is taught and will stay the course.

Prospecting is where the sorting starts.

Prospecting can be talking to people you know (warm market).

Prospecting can be posting on social media.

What the prospecting is doing is helping you sort through the masses to find those worth continuing to talk to.

Here’s a tip: That person that told you “No” is still watching. They are wanting to see how you do. So keep going. Keep prospecting. Share your results. The time may come when that person comes around and asks, “Can I get in with you now?”. I’ve had it happen several times. Friends said “No” but kept watching. When they saw me having success, they wanted to take a look.

Network marketing success is about sorting. Keep sorting.

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