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Network Marketing Vitamin and Supplement Companies - Wealth Creation Mastermind
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The Love Affair with Network Marketing Vitamins and Supplements

Referral marketing and network marketing vitamins are pervasive. Why the obsession? The bottom line is business 101. Supply and demand. One of the greatest challenges facing most people is maintaining health and vitality.
This article is one of a series written to give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision about the network marketing industry. If you read every article in the series, you’ll come away with a solid grasp of the industry and the best network marketing strategies. Here’s a list of all the blogs in succession.

Note: is the source for many of the facts and figures shared in this series of blogs. It is highly respected in the Direct Selling (or Direct Sales) Industry.

Network Marketing Vitamins to the Rescue

Network marketing vitamins are attached to a compensation plan. The more people you have consuming your dietary supplements, the more income you can earn.

Network Marketing Supplements Are the Ideal Product

For the independent associate, the benefit of selling network marketing vitamins and supplements boils down to consistent, repeat business. You see,

$35.4 Billion in Annual Sales

According to the Direct Selling Association, the largest single direct sales product category is wellness. That includes referral marketing vitamins, minerals, weight loss, skin care and personal care products. Of the $35.4 Billion in Annual sales in the Network Marketing channel, wellness products represent 35.6% of total transactions.
In addition,

The Best Network Marketing Supplement Companies

Once you make the decision to become a direct sales entrepreneur, your most important decision is which company to affiliate with. If you’ve already determined that the network marketing products you want to recommend are dietary supplements, now it’s time to generate a list of criteria you are looking for. That list might look something like this:

Product Quality

This is the paramount consideration. Your objective in building a marketing organization with a referral marketing vitamin company is to generate a consistent residual income. The key variables are customer acquisition and retention. If your previous customers are falling off as fast as new consumers are being enrolled, you will never achieve a sustainable and growing source of enduring earnings.


The easiest way to lose credibility is for the company you are affiliated with close their doors and discontinue business operations. It happens more frequently than you can imagine. The odds of any new referral marketing products business surviving for more than five years is about 20%.
Only one in five companies endure the challenges of being a start-up.

Depth of Product Line

Referral marketing companies with a comprehensive catalog of dietary supplements increase your likelihood of customer acquisition and long-term retention. You may initially attract a new patron because of a weight loss program. Once they have achieved their goal, they are more likely to remain loyal customers if there is a wide choice of additional products to choose from.

Scientific Evidence

This is the gold standard for network marketing vitamins and Supplements. It’s also where you encounter the most hype, overstatement and misleading claims. Patents, publications and scientifically designed formulations are a good first step for companies to follow when developing their products. Unfortunately too many companies rely on previous, generic studies performed by others.
Look for companies with dedicated research and development laboratories staffed by qualified, in-house scientists, doing proprietary research. A long history of investment into product development, testing, peer review and publication of patents in medical journals is the apex of scientific evidence for referral marketing vitamins, minerals and other formulations.

Unique Selling Proposition

Finding a “me too” product line is not very hard to do. After all, everyone has generic multi-vitamins, weight loss supplements, joint health, longevity products, shampoo and skin cream.
Very few have products with benefits that have been verified with pharmaceutical-grade, medically-supervised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trials. But, if you can find a company with that kind of substantiation, imagine the competitive advantage you would have over a company representative without that kind of validation.
Find a referral marketing vitamin or supplements company with an exclusive product line with uncommon scientific evidence. That gives you a competitive edge.

Corporate Culture

Referral marketing vitamins are offered by hundreds of companies. The more competitive advantages you have, the higher your likelihood of building a successful sales and marketing team. Something that initially seems really appealing is being with a company that uses wildly exciting claims to promote their products. If a company allows its representatives to make claims of curing major diseases or reversing the biological aging process it sounds interesting and appealing. In fact

Company Policies

Policies cut in two directions. Benefits to affiliates and customers on one hand. Prohibitions and limitations on the other. The benefits to look for are attributes that magnify your appeal. Things like:

Compensation Plan

The red flag to avoid in selecting a referral marketing supplements company is the hype about money. When a company proclaims that their comp plan is better than all others, run the other way. Why? Developing and manufacturing high quality dietary supplements requires investing heavily into scientific discovery and high-quality manufacturing.


Here is one area you can benefit from by getting involved with a great company at just the right time. How do you know when the perfect moment is? Any company that has been in business for over five years but has not yet achieved significant international penetration is a good one to look at. The reason is simple. As a company expands around the world it can experience dramatically accelerated sales growth.

The Top 10 Vitamin/Supplement Network Marketing Companies

Someone has to have the distinction as the fastest company to reach a billion dollars in annual sales. That’s Jeunesse. They have attracted some of the most fabled leaders in the referral marketing supplements channel to be their brand representatives. Furthermore, this network marketing vitamins and supplements company possesses a stable of products that are exciting to talk about and reasonably easy to market.

Trainers, coaches and athletes are constantly seeking ways to enhance performance. In truth, most of us would like to peel off a few pounds, reduce our body fat and get a leg up on our personal quality of life.
Tens of millions of adult consumers want to up their game. They know they need great dietary supplements to neutralize the harmful effects of an environment full of free radicals, processed food, and nutrient-poor produce. Isagenix appeals to that base.

We are living in a digital world. Any company consistently ranked near the top for social media engagement is attracting a lot of attention. Doing it quarter after quarter, year after year merits attention. Cultivating a vibrant Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter community provides some active affiliates a fun way to engage others. 4Life excels in this arena.

Young Living

Momentum, Social Media excellence, massive growth, exciting and buzz-worthy products coupled with a seasoned leadership team distinguish Young Living as one of the most formidable champions of the referral marketing supplements business. The question to ask here is, “what’s not to like?”
The unique selling advantage that sets Young Living apart from most other network marketing vitamin companies is their line of essential oils. In addition to being the premier essential oils business, Young Living also has an array of nutritional supplements, makeup, beauty and personal care products.

Every month 96% of Melaleuca distributors place a product order. That alone is reason to evaluate this one-third-of-a-century-old referral marketing supplements leader. Customer loyalty is of paramount importance and Melaleuca has mastered this critical element. This is the fabric that a residual income is woven from.

Juice Plus+

Revenue, longevity, momentum, social media engagement and favorable reviews from Network Marketing professionals and sales leaders put Juice Plus+ on this list of top referral marketing Supplements companies. They’ve been around for about a half a century, but in 2012 reinvented themselves as the company they are today.

Humanitarian efforts on the part of a company play a big role in its appeal. DoTerra’s Healing Hands Foundation is an example of how network marketing vitamin companies empower impoverished communities with their charitable organizations.


LifeVantage, like Univera, is a company founded on scientific research and discovery. Both companies have lead products validated by peer-reviewed studies conducted in independent laboratories as well as respected universities like the University of Colorado Denver.

Network Marketing Supplements – Conclusion

Those who have made the decision to build a primary or supplemental income with a referral marketing supplements company have a good likelihood of success with any of the ten companies listed above. One factor not discussed is the team you become a part of. Frequently, the method of operation and the support you receive from your partners and mentors is the dividing line between stellar and mediocre results.

John Rogers has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. He has earned the prestigious Blue Diamond rank with Univera, the highest rank that the health- and wellness-focused network marketing company offers. His team represents 60% of Univera’s annual sales in North America.  John was recognized as the Univera Associate of the Year in 2015.

John has also been associated with 2 other network marketing companies and achieved a Platinum rank with Nikken, a Japanese health and wellness company.

John is the former CEO of Premium Enterprises. He has a Masters degree in education (M.Ed.) from the University of Northern Colorado (graduated 1973) and is passionate about teaching fellow network marketers to replicate his success.

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