Plan for success with marketing planning for 2022

Plan for success with marketing planning for 2022
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There are two sessions from Think Beyond to register for and they can either be taken together or as a ‘taster’.

AM event: An introduction to marketing planning and planning for success

• Registration at 10:00am and introductions

• Event starts at 10:30am

• Wrapping up at 12:00pm

• Event closes at 12.30pm

PM event: A deeper look at planning for 2022 and how to justify and support your budget

• Registration at 13:00pm and introductions

• Event starts at 13:30pm

• Wrapping up at 15:00pm

• Event closes at 15:30pm

As the champion and communicator of ‘value’ in a business, marketing is ideally placed to orchestrate internal and external activities and messaging. In the aftermath of a pandemic or economic downturn, focus often turns to effective marketing planning and closer alignment of effort to outcome.

Marketing planning is essential to structure your plan to achieve your marketing goals both now and in the coming years. Planning doesn’t just cover the budget, it goes right back to the strategy and logic of how you will achieve what you are accountable for in marketing. With marketing return on investment weighing heavily on the shoulders and prospects of many marketers, we look at how you can justify and support your requests for budget. Make your 2022 count with our guide to planning ahead and setting yourself up for success.

The AM event will explore the concept of marketing planning and why it is so important for marketers.

The PM event will deep-dive into how to go about marketing planning and getting that all-important sign-off to spend budget.

This event is for non-marketing businesses only. In the event of a marketing or advertising agency, freelancer or consultant registration, tickets will be automatically refunded (less the Eventbrite fee).

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