Practical E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Holiday Shopping Season Success | Online Sales Guide Tips

Practical E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Holiday Shopping Season Success | Online Sales Guide Tips
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The lucrative holiday shopping season will be upon us soon, and for many online retailers it’s the difference between an okay fiscal year and a fantastic one. This year is shaping up to be the biggest since 2011, with sales expected to reach nearly $ 900 billion in the United States alone during the months of November and December.

Position Your Online Store for Success

You may have the greatest online experience in your industry, or perhaps you have the best products and the lowest prices. None of it does any good if your target audience doesn’t know you exist.

Make sure the following channels are part of your holiday e-commerce marketing strategy:

Before you ramp up your email marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to:

You don’t have much time, and in fact, making your entire site mobile-friendly is a fairly huge task right before the holidays, depending on the size and structure of your site. What you can do right away is use mobile-friendly overlays to focus on micro-converting your mobile traffic. For example, you could offer 5% off to increase the chances you’ll get them back on your site from a desktop later.

Or, you could segment visitors from different locations and target them with location-specific messaging about your shipping policies to where they live.

Make your messaging for mobile visitors fun, engaging and compelling by offering them something of real value as a reason to visit you from another channel.

Using overlays instead of trying to change your entire site allows you to connect with your mobile visitors in more meaningful ways, without overhauling your site or having to deal with IT.

Website personalization allows you to provide specific offers to specific groups of people. For example, new visitors may receive one offer while returning visitors receive another. You should also consider personalizing based on:

Prepare Your Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Calendar

Think about your personal holiday shopping list. How do you decide what to buy? How do you decide how much to spend? For some, the entire process is driven by discounts and coupons. This is why Black Friday and Cyber Monday attract so much attention. It’s also one of the reasons why online retailers need a calendar .

Creating a holiday e-commerce marketing calendar to track your campaigns and ensure you have your bases covered by including at last the following:

Get Ready for Your Greatest Holiday E-Commerce Season Yet

Your competition are scrambling to get ready for the holiday season onslaught of shoppers, too. We know that consumers are comparison shopping and doing their research across devices, and across screens. Which of you will offer site visitors the best experience and close the deal?

If you want to realize big profits this holiday season, download the new ebook, Make the Most Profitable Holiday Season Ever: Actionable Guide For Online Retailers. In it, you’ll learn how to create a marketing strategy for the 2015 holiday season, with actionable advice on making the most of your top marketing channels, campaigns you absolutely need to run and more.


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