Remote Sales Success: Role of Marketing & Sales Leaders | MarketingProfs

Remote Sales Success: Role of Marketing & Sales Leaders | MarketingProfs
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every sales professional to adopt a more digital skill set overnight. As a result, marketing and sales leaders are understandably struggling to support their sales teams without the benefit of in-office support or facilitating face-to-face client meetings.

Leaders need to upgrade two very distinct types of support as sales staff continues to adjust and thrive in a new remote reality:

Offering employees support on both those fronts will position your sales teams for a more successful remote future while making them more dynamic and agile sales professionals.

The Nuts and Bolts of Remote Sales

Shelter-in-place and work-at-home policies have highlighted a general lack of basic work necessities at home, such as reliable Internet connections and secure Wi-Fi. But because the needs of a remote sales team are consistent, it’s relatively easy to compile a list of the specific tools they need to succeed.

All of your remote sales reps should be equipped with the following:

Coaching for Remote Success

With the building blocks and logistics of online sales in place, it’s time to upgrade your coaching tactics.

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