Restaurant Marketing: Your Story is Your Success | NetWaiter

Restaurant Marketing: Your Story is Your Success | NetWaiter
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Through all the work put into marketing, one thing is always becoming more clear. When it comes to converting sales, consumers buy stories a lot more than they buy products.

“Consumers want to feel close to the businesses they buy from. They want to know the story or the “why” of your business. This is where larger companies drop the ball and smaller businesses can leverage to their advantage. Large companies lose that personal story and get lost in the profits. This is great for the underdogs because it gives them a way to attract and retain customers.”

This quote by Gary Vaynerchuk clearly illustrates the value of communicating your story to your consumer. People are paying for connection, for emotion. At least it is the emotion that drives people to make decisions, much more so than logic. Because, most purchases are not strictly out of need, per se.

Most purchases are out of want, the want or desire to experience. The more emotional the experience, the more attractive the experience to the end consumer. Telling your story is the perfect way to invoke more emotion and make deeper connections with your customers.

With the advent of social media, it is easier than ever to tell your story. Whether you re-tell/re- create your story in an interview or podcast, or document your journey as an entrepreneur on the rise, you can easily and effectively build a connection your customers can get invested in that goes beyond the scope of your product or business. And it is here, in these emotions, that inspire relationships that are much more expansive than a single purchase, particularly in restaurants.

Massimo Barutto, head chef and owner of the “Worlds Best Restaurant”, (Osteria Francescana) said food is the “Transfer of emotions”. People are so passionate about food because of the emotions it brings them. The food in your restaurant tells a story, is an expression of yourself and your feelings. Massimo has told his story all over the world, in his restaurants, on YouTube, Netflix, his social media, in food chronicles, and now is his book “Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef”.

Delivering his story in an effective way and executing a great product/experience for his customers has taken him to the top of the culinary world. And with all the media outlets one needs at an arms reach, you, like Massimo, absolutely should be finding a way to do the same, to tell your story.

Telling your story doesn’t have to be as difficult or complicated as getting on Netflix or writing a book. All you need to do is create a platform to reach your audience and deliver your story.

Using social media, to either re-create, re-tell, or document your story is the easiest way to do this. Your customers want to feel connected, want to feel what you feel. And communicating your experience, emotions, and passion through storytelling is one of the most impactful things you can do to right now be more successful.

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