RX Wealth Advisors Positions Itself as a Trusted Thought Leader with Crystal Marketing Solutions

RX Wealth Advisors Positions Itself as a Trusted Thought Leader with Crystal Marketing Solutions
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When Chris Roe, founder and CEO of RX Wealth Advisors, was looking for help executing his marketing plans, it arrived in an unexpected way.

Following a 20 year career in accounting, Chris had made the transition to heading up a company providing consultative financial advice to physicians. After making the change, he decided it would make sense to hire a marketing coach to help him take his marketing to the next level.

As Chris explains, “I’m an advisor and accountant by trade, not a marketer or content creator. I started my business and I had a handful of clients. I hired a marketing coach through the XY Planning Network.  I was struggling to get things done and I soon realized that while the coaching advice was great, I’m not a doer, I’m more of an outsourcer. I needed someone to build a comprehensive plan to begin to market my business and that plan needed to include someone who could do the work.”

Finding Expert Support

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While Chris knew he already had some of the skills to handle his own marketing, the hurdle was finding the time to do it, and do it well.

“I understand marketing at a very high level, but the question for me was really how long will it take for ME to get it done? I can do it myself, but I wanted to collaborate. I wanted to be able to give my input and let someone else take it from there.”

It was the search for this kind of collaborative relationship that led Chris to Crystal Marketing Solutions (CMS).

“I found Crystal Marketing Solutions by chance through Michal Kitces’ podcast. I heard an interview with someone running a marketing agency and I reached out to them, but they weren’t the right fit. Then, I remembered that on the podcast they mentioned that for advisors who may be too small or didn’t fit the profile of their ideal client they recommended CMS.”

CMS is an established, full-service virtual marketing agency trusted by independent financial advisors for more than a decade.

A Collaborative Approach Makes CMS the Easy Choice

Chris booked a meeting with Crystal, leader of the CMS team, along with a handful of other agencies, to see if he could find a partner who could execute his marketing plans. After vetting his possible options, he decided that CMS was the right choice.

“What I liked about Crystal is that she was running a small business, like me. She had a clear outline for a plan we could follow, and her follow-up after the initial proposal was fantastic. Of course, personality is a factor. She explained every little thing I had questions about.  As an accountant, I tend to be risk-averse by trade, but the way Crystal handled everything made me feel comfortable going with her team.”

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After making the decision to work with CMS, Chris quickly moved ahead.

“I already had a niche, so I wanted to enhance the brand. I wanted to be doing SEO and really content marketing to drive some leads. When a client or a prospect called asking about the firm, I wanted to have a brochure or something to provide them — and I wanted it to look good. I wanted the team to get me set up with some of the basics and then help me improve my content marketing.”  

CMS Leads the Charge on Enhancing the RX Wealth Advisors Brand

Since beginning their work together, Chris and the CMS team have executed many marketing strategies designed to help him grow his business.

RX Wealth Advisors Website

“We’ve revamped the website to make it more user-friendly for videos and content. Since then, the CMS team has kept me consistent on my content marketing, publishing articles, and getting my content out there on a consistent basis.”

As Chris and CMS continued moving forward in their work together, he quickly found that having someone acting as a sounding board was incredibly valuable.

“Entrepreneurs are full of ideas and it’s easy to just take those ideas and run with them, whether they’re a good idea or not. I hear people throwing out ideas all the time, so when something catches my interest I take it to the CMS team because they have the experience to know what will work.  I’m able to form a strategy based on their expert guidance.”

As anyone knows, having a strong collaboration and partnership is about more than just the actual work. Being successful requires building strong relationships, and Chris knows that the CMS team provides the total package — great people AND great skills to get the job done.  

“What’s great about working with Crystal and her team is that they’re truly nice people, which is so important when you have an ongoing working relationship. They’re smart, efficient, and trustworthy. Plus, they’re organized, responsive and they always do exactly what they say they’re going to do. If you’re looking to invest in your marketing and want to create a long-term partnership, they’re the right choice.”

This case study was conducted and constructed by a third party on behalf of CMS. This reflects a summary of an actual client experience and is intended to serve as an example of what it is like to work with CMS. While CMS prides itself on consistency with our work and relationship, no results can be guaranteed.

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