Seven Steps to Content Marketing Success [Video] – MediaVidi

Seven Steps to Content Marketing Success [Video] – MediaVidi
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In this presentation, Joe Pulizzi, author of the Amazon #1 Marketing bestseller Content Inc., will detail, step-by-step, how content creators are building loyal audiences and then monetizing those audiences in multiple ways. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or marketer, this presentation will surprise and delight you. Why is this important: Content is King! It is a cliche, but it is impossible doing any marketing without content, so basically any online marketing is a Content Marketing Key Takeaways: Specifically, Joe discusses: – How content creators are differentiating themselves to break through the content clutter. – Why focusing on less is generally better than more channels. – Some platforms are more critical and others, and generally social media platforms don’t last. How do you choose? – Entrepreneurs with more revenue sources win…every single time. What’s yours? – Understanding the value of the content asset you are building, and why exit planning starts at the beginning.

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