[Success Story Saturday] “Just This Past Week Alone I’ve Sponsored a Mammoth 54 People Into My Network Marketing Company” • My Lead System PRO (MLSP) Blog

[Success Story Saturday] "Just This Past Week Alone I've Sponsored a Mammoth 54 People Into My Network Marketing Company” • My Lead System PRO (MLSP) Blog
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Whoa! Kay Somji just pulled in a TON of people to his business.

He did it at a $200+ price point, and added  almost $3000 to his monthly residual income!

And here’s the cool part…he reveals the exact strategy he used to do it.

“If you haven’t checked out the Facebook challenges trainings in the back-office, make sure you do and implement it ASAP!” 

There you go! A killer strategy that’s getting amazing results revealed for YOU by the guy doing it .

Amazing stuff Kay!

Shoutout “Walked away from my coaching session feeling on FIRE!”

Lindsay Sewell had a session with MLSP coaching superstar Steve Krivda. And was ready to rock and roll immediately after!

“Thank you for challenging me to Level Up!! I received the perfect balance of mindset and tactics today, and I know exactly what I am going to put into action this week!”

She’s already getting great results, and she’s ready to step up her game even further now.

Great work Lindsay!

“Used my Business Center to create a course in less than 30 minutes and pulled in $97 bucks my first sale…all 100% mine to keep!”

Valerie Lewis is already crushing it with the new MLSP Business Center.

“I’m sitting back in awe…MLSP never fails to amaze me! Pro and Premium Members…have you gone to your “My Websites” tab in the back office???”

She was one of the lucky ones in our 30 day challenge… and actually grabbed sells for her product before it was even finished (a little tactic we taught!)

“My life has changed because of MLSP and I wake up full of gratitude everyday!”

BOOM! Great work Valerie! You’re a rock star!

Shoutout! “Just got his first client since working together!”

Look at that. Jeff Kapp just got a nice shoutout from the one and only MLSP coach Erin Birch.

“This client has signed up an entire year!!! A YEAR LONG health and wellness coaching client!!”

Nice! That’s what it’s all about.

Jeff is smashing it out of the park. Big things coming from this guy. Especially with a coach like Erin!

“I did it! So COOL! I love the Business Center. So easy to create your own stuff.”

Roxann Joyce Roeder has created her first course.

She’s taking action on what she’s learned in the 30 Day Challenge, and now already she’s on to her second course.

That’s amazing. We see a rock star in the making!

Awesome stuff Roxann!

“I attracted and closed two new clients and attracted an abundance of fully qualified leads DURING the 2 days of the LEVEL 1 workshop this weekend!”

Whoa! Stacey Hall meant business when she came out to Austin TX for the Level 1 workshop.

That’s not all she accomplished…

“And now I have an action plan for breathing life into my projects that have been stalled for more than a year. One weekend…a lifetime of business growth!  

Great return on my investment of time, energy, and money! In fact, probably the smartest decision I’ve ever made for my business.”

There ya go! Stacey Hall has been getting big results and looks like they’re about to get even BIGGER!

Way to go Stacey!

Boom! First course for lead generation created in 30 mins!”

Check out Zak Shahid bustin out courses inside the New MLSP Business Center.

He’s loving this business center like so many others.

Great work sir!

“There’s something about receiving a notification that tells me someone purchased something I created…LOVE IT!”

Lisa Reed is right. There is something magical about that cha-ching that you hear when you sell your own stuff.

It’s how the top earners do it all the time. So why shouldn’t you too? (Hint: You should.)

Great work Lisa!

Shoutout! “For being the #1 affiliates in MLSP and holding that spot for over a year now.”

Wow! L7 leaders Todd & Leah Getts HAVE been sitting pretty at the top of those leaderboards for quite a long time.

They’re doing things right that’s for sure. And rock star Lisa Torres gave them a shoutout this week inside the MLSP community!

Could be their Twitter Strategy. Could be their Instagram strategy. Could be their work ethic. Could be their reason why.

OR could be all of those things! Either way, they are smashing it!

Congrats you two!

“I just wanted to say that MLSP is Absolutely the best System I have ever used.”

David Reineke was giving MLSP some love this week.

He shouted us out. And his story is pretty cool.

“Living in a Third World Country is not easy and MLSP has provided a way for me to live JOB FREE these last 3 years! If you want to make sure you can do this just follow the training and get focused.”

David certainly got focused and is living his dream.

“I’m L3 heading to L4 and I’m just getting started!”

We believe that’s very true David

Awesome stuff sir!

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