The Great Marketing Declutter: Moving From Struggle To Success | The Drum

The Great Marketing Declutter: Moving From Struggle To Success | The Drum
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“Taking an authentic customer’s voice into a boardroom is so powerful to be able to land an authentic point. There’s nothing more powerful than a vox pop,” according to Ellie Norman, former marketing director of Formula 1, in conversation with Michele McGrath, chief client officer, Accenture UKI, as part of Accenture’s ‘The Great Marketing Declutter’ video series with The Drum.

Research from Accenture identified three distinct groups of marketers: the survivors, the strivers and the thrivers. Norman discusses advice for those in survivor mode and the power of having the right connections and a support network who will give advice and care for you.

All organizations are “living organisms” and with that comes different pressures and changes, explains Norman. And that shift will quite often filter down through an organization, so it’s pertinent to step back and take stock to understand what’s really going on.

Watch part two ‘The Great Marketing Declutter: moving from struggle to success’ above.

It’s important to understand the role that marketing plays within an organization and that it’s aligned between the board/leadership team. If there’s misalignment, it isn’t going to translate into effectiveness. “Are your vision, values and principles still relevant? Collect the data and insights, have that debate and get that buy in at the top of the organization,” says Norman.

Norman touches on the importance of “knowing who your customer is” and getting close to your customers to be able to deliver great marketing. When thinking about the future, marketers should focus on what lifts them up and what gives them energy, and embrace cross-sector learning, which “opens up so much possibility [to ensure] that you’re not defined by your sector.”

For the survivors to overcome the challenges within the marketing function and become thrivers, Norman offers the following advice:

Identify key stakeholders where relationships and influence exist – build allyship to gain buy in and alignment to the strategy, plan and objectives

Build a support network around you – a mix of internal and external people to bounce ideas and thoughts, and who have your back to be the best version of you

Carve out time for prioritization and determine what’s important and urgent to do today

Keep your SHED in check – sleep, hydration, exercise, and diet

Watch part one of ‘The Great Marketing Declutter’ here, and keep an eye out for episode three next Wednesday.

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