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The Pivot: Prolific Blogger Shares the Key to Future Marketing Success | CopyRanger

Apr 2, 2022

Mark Schaefer blends his brilliant combination of smarts, business insight, and wit as a forward-thinking blogger, marketing professional, author, and speaker. He’s not afraid to put his ideas into the world and loves interacting with members of his community, even when, or perhaps especially when, they don’t agree with him.

Before Mark introduced us to the concept of “content shock,” he sat down with host Todd Wheatland to discuss his background and his passion for what he delivers every day throughSchaefer Marketing Solutions.

What may surprise you

Mark’s pivot

Mark will be the first to tell you that his 25-year career at Alcoa was truly great. Unlike so many who start their consultancy practice, Mark was not laid off nor was he frustrated with what he was achieving in his corporate position. As a matter of fact, Alcoa offered Mark a position as an internal management consultant in Switzerland, a country he loved. After six months of going back and forth with the company, he decided to go out on his own because he just needed to do something else.

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