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The Recipe for Content Marketing Success - Click Consult
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The Recipe for Content Marketing Success

With more than a decade of content marketing experience, we have developed campaigns for clients from industries as varied as finance to fashion and there aren’t many markets we haven’t explored

With so much content, and an endless list of topics a brand can focus on to build a campaign, it helps to have guidance. Our campaigns team has broken down the important elements of the most successful campaigns and have determined that there are three factors that help to make a successful content marketing campaign.

If you are able to create a campaign targeting a certain event then do it, but you have to consider the fact that others will have had the same idea – so it may be worth developing your own stats or details to make sure that what you put out there is unique.

Time can also relate to the season. You should consider popular topics for the time of year you plan to release your campaign. For example, the team created this campaign for Kwik Fit during the summer when people may have been looking to take a trip overseas.

Also, think about current situations. For example, certain topics such as travel may not work as well during the pandemic – therefore, the timing is not right.

Never over-complicate a concept. Like most elements of marketing, you must consider your audience and keeping things simple can help your campaign relate to a wider audience.

If you are running a competition, or a concept that requires people to engage with your brand it’s important to make the engagement process as simple as possible. Try encouraging people to comment, like or share rather than undertake a task in order to win a prize.

Multiple Angles

There’s never a guarantee that a concept will work, therefore it’s best to have several angles in mind. This will give you several opportunities for outreach rather than one.

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